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🤖 Best print files from Among Us to make with a 3D printer

Find here a selection of the best 3D models from the Among Us universe

Download 3D STL files from Among Us

If you are a fan of the video game Among Us this page is for you! Download your favorite 3D files of the little characters of the game and build them with your 3D printer. Several fan art designs are available and you can then paint the models or print them in several colors.

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Here is our selection of the best STL files from the Among Us universe, all these beautiful video game derivatives are from the 3D file library Cults and are easily printable in 3D.

Among Us is an online multiplayer video game developed and edited by the InnerSloth studio, it was released in June 2018. Passed a little unnoticed at the time of its release the game has a second wind in 2020 thanks to many famous streamers on Twitch and YouTube. Since this incredible success, 3D designers have obviously taken over the phenomenon by offering superb 3D printable derivatives.

This collection gathers free and paid 3D files that will allow you to print in 3D most of the characters of Among Us. But there are also a lot of derivative objects such as plant pots Among Us, cookie cutters Among Us or video game cartridge boxes or keychains inspired by elements of the video game universe.

The game takes place in a science-fiction universe. Each player embodies one of the crew members of a spaceship, each of whom can be either a crew member or an impostor. The objective for the crew members is to identify the imposters and eliminate them while performing tasks in the ship, while the objective for the imposters is to kill all crew members without being identified. You'll enjoy printing 3D miniatures and hiding messages in them, for example. The shape of the characters once killed with the apparent bone is also available in this collection of 3D files.

Warm up your 3D printer, select a STL file of characters from the game and just wait for the result. Don't forget to share the photos of your prints!