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🚁 Best 3D print models of Helicopters

Find here a selection of helicopters 3D designs that can be made with 3D printing.

Download 3D models for 3D printing of helicopters

If you are a fan of model making and more particularly of the aerial domain, this collection is made for you! You can find several helicopter models to print in 3D. Some files are real replicas of existing models. You will have to print several parts and then assemble them one by one with glue. If you like painting, this is also a nice manual hobby to keep you busy!

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Discover our selection of the best 3D helicopter files for 3D printer. All these STL, OBJ, 3MF, CAD files are easily printable in 3D, so just download them, start your 3D printer and choose your colors and filament materials. Once the helicopters are 3D printed, you will have all the time to assemble them and paint them. This collection has been made by selecting the best designs from the 3D file download site Cults.

You will find in this collection several helicopter styles. Some of them are very simplistic and designed primarily for children as toys. Others are real masters of model making and are false replicas of existing machines. Helicopters are used in the army for military purposes but they can also be found in the civilian context in services such as passenger and cargo transport, police, medical emergencies or fire fighting.

The 3D files are usually printable in multiple copies. You need to print all the parts and follow the assembly guides to assemble and rebuild the helicopter. You can play with different colors of filament to get a colorful helicopter or you can print in one color and then paint all the details.

3D printable helicopters, gyrocopters, supercopters, minicopters, etc. can also be made functional by adding motors and remote control systems. More simply, you will also be able to make flying propellers thanks to very ingenious launchers systems.

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