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〰️ Best STL files of flexi models to make with a 3D printer

Find here a selection of the best 3D models of 3D printable flexi files

Download 3D files of flexi creations

An articulated and flexible model coming directly from the printing plate of your 3D printer, you've been dreaming about it for a long time! More and more designers are offering 3D files that can be easily print-in-place without any support and that are flexible, here is our selection!

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Here is our selection of the best flexible STL files, all these beautiful creations are from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly printable in 3D. The majority of these models are even priçnt-in-place no support and do not require assembly. Simply detach them from the print tray of your printer and start playing with them.

For a long time, 3D printing was confined to very simple objects. They were certainly very pretty, but there wasn't that additional soul that comes from flexibility. It is now possible to print articulated 3D models which are much more playful. Critics of personal 3D printing just have to behave themselves. All you have to do is show them a super pretty but also articulated object to make them aware of the extent of the possibilities.

For an even more incredible effect, you can even print in several colours or change the filament during printing to vary the effects. Your 3D prints will be great gifts for Christmas or birthdays!