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📦 Best 3D print models of Boxes

Find here a selection of boxes STL & OBJ files that can be made with 3D printing.

Download 3D printer models of boxes

The 3D printer can be a great tool to help you organize your different spaces. Among other things, you can 3D print boxes that will allow you to store all sorts of objects. Some of these box designs can be 3D printed in one go without any support! Other models will require a little more time for assembly and post-production, but the result will always be there!

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Check out our selection of the best 3D printer box files. All these STL, OBJ, 3MF, CAD files are easily printable in 3D, so just download them, start your 3D printer and choose your colors and filament materials. This collection has been made by selecting the best creations from the 3D files download site Cults.

You will find in this collection several styles of boxes. Some will be very simple and practical, others will be more elaborate and decorative. 3D designers also like to play with shapes, as 3D printable boxes** are not necessarily cubic or rectangular, there are heart-shaped boxes, spherical, tubular, octagonal*, etc. These are real **useful objects to print* like pockets, storage boxes or gift boxes, with or without lids!

The use of the boxes is also extremely varied since you can use them to store your cards, your dice, your favorite board games*, but also **your jewelry, your candies, your mediators, your tools or even your parts, your SD cards, your extruders*, etc. Once printed in 3D, you can use them as you wish!

These 3D files are also sometimes real engineering feats since some designs can be printed in one go, without the need to assemble or glue anything. You will also find 3D objects that feature 3D printable locking systems to add a bit of security to your boxes. You can also find secret boxes or small puzzles to add difficulty and fun to the opening!

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