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🌿 Best STL files 3D printed for cannabis use

Here is a selection of the best cannabis use related 3D models to make with a 3D printer

Download 3D files of accessories for cannabis use

Discover our selection of STL models 3D printable to perfectly appreciate your cannabis consumption. Obviously, these objects are only usable in countries that allow the consumption of this drug, we do not promote the use of cannabis at all!

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Here is our selection of the best STL files for cannabis consumption, all these accessories come from the Library of 3D files Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection gathers free 3D files of accessories to make the most of your cannabis. To roll a joint you obviously need sheets that are not 3D printable, but you can perfectly 3D print a grinder to prepare your cannabis, a small box to keep the product without altering its qualities, or even elements that will allow you to make a 3D printed bong or a cannabis pipe.

The 3D designers who offer their creations on the 3D file download platform Cults have thus competed in ingenuity so that you can make the most of your little relaxing break alone or with your friends. These objects are also customizable before 3D printing, which will allow you to put your name, a picto or even the type of here it is.

Of course, we remind you that we do not encourage drug use in countries that prohibit marijuana, this product is a drug and must be considered as such. On the other hand, we think it is important to show that 3D printing has its place in absolutely every field!