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What are the Best 3D Printers on the Market?

3D printing is becoming more popular in recent years, particularly because of how fast it is able to print and produce items that we normally don’t get quickly. Some of these items include mugs, pens, and even flip-flops. These items that were once only available in stores can now be printed in our homes, and this is the reason why many people now own 3D printers.

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DLP and LCD 3D Printers, How Different Are They?

Resin 3D Printing is a popular technology in the 3D Printing sphere, with every marketplace sporting a range of these 3D printers as part of their product fleet. It has massive applications in various industries and is its development is being prioritized to increase its print quality, financial viability, and access to a larger group of users. DLP and LCD are two of the most standout technologies in resin 3D printing. Both of them work according to a similar principle and are comparable in many respects. However, there are some stark differences as well that users must be aware of before buying a resin 3D printer. In this blog, we focus on DLP and LCD 3D Printers. We will discuss the base technology being used, their individual pros and cons, and how well do they line up with your specific 3D printing needs.

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How Can 3D Printing Be Used in Gaming?

The gaming industry has become big business, especially as more and more people take it up as a hobby. Of course, PC and console gaming are still hugely popular but mobile and even VR gaming have really taken off in recent years. Online casinos are also enjoying huge demand, especially in European countries like the UK where many big brands like Betfred are competing hard to attract players from their rivals. To do this, they often use casino bonuses and promotions like free spins as a big part of their wider marketing campaigns.

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