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What is the best alternative to Thingiverse?

best alternative to thingiverse - similar site to thingiverse - cults 3d

The best alternative to Thingiverse is Cults of course ;)

More seriously, we will present you in this article how Cults can be a good alternative to Thingiverse, whether you are a designer or a maker. Recently, several members of the 3D printing community have indicated their dissatisfaction with Thingiverse because the platform no longer seemed "maintained" and kept technically up to date; this generated a lot of bugs and frustrations for users. An article was even written at Fabbaloo about this latent desire for some to change 3D files repository.

Here is a list of 5 arguments that could make you try our platform Cults.

Cults is independent

Unlike Thingiverse, which belongs to Makerbot, Cults is not part of a manufacturers' group, a 3D printer manufacturer or products' resellers related to 3D printing. Thus the designs you download or upload to Cults will not be used for commercial purposes. Cults is the only 100% independent player in the sector. Other platforms such as MyMiniFactory (iMakr group), Youmagine (Ultimaker), Pinshape (Formlabs) or PrusaPrinters (Prusa) are all properties of major 3D printing brands. Owning designs is a major challenge for these companies, so it is important to remain vigilant about keeping in mind the open source, hobbyist and community spirit of 3D printing! Everyday, we are working to make this digital community a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

Cults allows designers to finance their passion

Since the creation of the site, we have a strong belief that people who make original 3D printable models must be able to be paid for the quality of their work. Our platform allows designers to sell their 3D files and earn 80% on each sale made. There are no fixed fees or subscriptions for designers, sharing creations on Cults is 100% free. Cults takes a 20% commission to finance the site related expenses : bandwidth, bank charges, hosting, accounting, etc. Today, 3D printer owners are more inclined to download paid 3D files because they are looking for a quality guarantee. This makes it possible to create a virtuous circle since, thanks to the money collected, designers can finance their passion (buy consumables, new 3D printers, new 3D modeling software...) and thus create even more incredible new 3D models shared with the makers. It's the community that keeps the community alive, it's magic! You can discover our best designers via our ranking.

Cults offers 3D printable files

Because of this business model mentioned earlier, the 3D files shared on Cults are 3D printable. Designers, when they upload a creation to the platform, are invited to share a photo of their 3D prints to guarantee the printability of their file. On Thingiverse, you will find many 3D models but many are unfortunately not optimized for 3D printing. When you 3D print a model that is not ready to be printed, you are wasting time, material, electricity and also a lot of energy!
For all designers who have already 3D printable files shared on Thingiverse and who would like to import them to Cults, please note that we can do it for you thanks to our automatic uploader. You can send us an email or log into your Thingiverse account here and we will import your 3D models automatically for you.

Cults is listening to you

Although we are a very small team (3 people), we are very responsive and we answer all the emails you send us. Here there are no interns, it is the founders of the site who take the time to answer you directly and discuss 3D printing and 3D modeling with you. Do you have a problem with a 3D file? You can contact us via chat or email. You can also chat with designers through internal messaging for help and advice on 3D printing. We try to be as attentive as possible to the community to make our platform evolve. Indeed, several users have already given us ideas to improve the site and we have made the necessary optimizations to meet these new needs. Cults is constantly evolving, if you want to know what the main constant evolutions of the site are, go to this page.

Cults is international

3D printing is born in the United States and many 3D printers owners are American, but not only! 3D printing can now be exported worldwide. Cults is a French company that addresses all makers from all over the world! Thus, we have translated the site into English, Spanish and French; but we will continue to open new languages in order to promote as widely as possible the talent of our designers as well as all the possibilities offered by 3D printing !

If these few points have convinced you, know that we would be very happy to welcome you to Cults! To register, it's super simple and free, just click on this button:

Registration / Login

If you want to know a little more about us before you make your decision, don't worry! These few pages will give you a more exhaustive overview:

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