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Volumatik gives volume to your ideas!

What is Volumatik?

Volumatik is full service 3D design and modeling studio with their aim being to transform your idea into a ready-to-print 3D file or a concrete 3D printed object.


Their user-frienldy online platform makes it easy to start your own project with a team of designers that will assist you step-by-step. 
Going from your initial idea, they will work with you to create a detailed design, 3D Model and a ready-to-3D-print file.


Why the idea of an online 3D studio?

A 3D printing process may become complex when it comes to creating your own custom object or prototype. 


First you’ll have to create a clear design of your project to then model it into a file ready to 3D print with the help of 3D modeling programs. Here you’ll also have to take into account the different materials, colors and other technical issues related to 3D printing your design. 

The idea of Volumatik is to offer the knowledge and services of talented 3D designers and modelers in one single platform:



Volumatik offers free project estimation, professional support, a 100% online and easy-to-use platform which offer quality at affordable prices and most of all the eagerness to develop your ideas to the best possible products.


Have a great idea for a product but not sure how to bring it to life? Discover more about Volumatik or start your 3D project.

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