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A small 3D printed house in Amsterdam

Check out this beautiful 3D printed tiny house in Amsterdam! As 3D printing in architecture becomes more and more prevalent, architecture firm DUS Architects Amsterdam is getting in on the act with this fully 3D printed urban cabin.

This compact retreat is designed as an escape from everyday urban life. The idea behind the design is to evoke the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. The material used for printing is a bio-plastic and can be recycled and reprinted several times. The black appearance of the creation shows that it is customizable but also that it fits discreetly into its environment. It is attached to a concrete screed that extends into a miniature park around the pocket house. The house also has a small bathtub, also 3D printed.

The house measures 8 m² and the whole (with the garden) measures 25 m². It consists of a mini-porch and a sofa area that can be transformed into a double bed. In addition to architectural research, the project represents a new step in the creation of small temporary dwellings in disaster-prone areas. After use, the material can be shredded and reprinted in a new design or location.








Source: DesignBoom

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