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Top 15 lamps printed in 3D.

<p> If you are wondering again what is the purpose of <strong>3D printing,</strong> this article will give you <strong>ideas</strong> ! Here is a selection of <strong>15 models of lamps that</strong> can be made with a ** personal 3D printer * <em>. This goes from the</em> <em>lampshade</em> * for the real <strong>handymen</strong> to the very <strong>design</strong> objects for the <strong>deco</strong> fans. The creation of lamps is one of the favorite applications of the <strong>maker</strong> community. These designs are <em>customizable</em> * objects <em>that will help you see things more clearly in the dark. These</em> <em>3D</em> * <em>files</em> are <strong>free</strong> or <strong>premium</strong> and you can <strong>download them</strong> all on <a href="">Cults</a>. </p><h2> <a href=""># 1: Download the M & O Paris lamp</a> </h2><p> This beautiful lamp was inspired by the most famous monument of <strong>Paris</strong> , the <strong>Eiffel Tower</strong> . Designed and manufactured by <strong>Samuel N. Bernier</strong> , a Canadian industrial designer, this model can be easily made using a classic ** desktop 3D printer. It is printed in several pieces however, so some assembly time is required. Designer: <a href=""><strong>leFabShop</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="lamp_Paris"></p><h2> <a href=""># 2: Download the Lump</a> </h2><p> The <strong>low-poly</strong> Lump is a pretty endearing shade. It's pretty <strong>minimalist</strong> but it's also incredibly easy to make with a 3D printer. You will not need <strong>supports</strong> or <strong>rafts</strong> , so there is no fuss. Make a series of them in any <strong>color</strong> you like, and you'll instantly update all the <strong>fixtures</strong> in your home. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Cusco studio</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="03_copie"></p><h2> <a href=""># 3: Download the Zuzanna lamp</a> </h2><p> Another lamp made by Samuel N. Bernier and his team at the FabShop. The shape of the <strong>Zuzanna</strong> lamp resembles the delicate folds of a sheet of paper and can be used either as a <strong>suspension</strong> or as a <strong>table lamp</strong> . It was specifically designed to be printed on a <strong>Zortrax M200</strong> to take advantage of its <strong>ABS</strong> printing capacity and its 200 x 200 x 185 mm <strong>volume</strong> . But you can try to build it on an equivalent 3D printer too. Designer: <a href=""><strong>leFabShop</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="suzana_lamp_le_fab_shop"></p><h2> <a href=""># 4: Download the Lampion Lamp Shade</a> </h2><p> The lampshade <strong>Lampion</strong> is a <strong>high-end design</strong> . On sale at 15 euros, it consists of two separate parts modeled on a simple <strong>hexagonal grid</strong> . Depending on your personal style, you can either use the parts separately or stack them on top of each other. It can be cool, for example, if you print the "web" with a different color. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Voood</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="07"></p><h2> <a href=""># 5: Download the Ribone Cross One</a> </h2><p> Award-winning designer <strong>Martin Žampach</strong> has created <strong>Ribone Cross One</strong> , a striking design of intersecting lines. Combine this lamp with a <strong>light mixer</strong> and it will release an <strong>optical illusion</strong> according to the pulsations when the lights will be on. This high-end design sells for 10 euros. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Martin</strong> Žampach ****</a> </p><p><img src="" alt="IMG_7438"></p><h2> <a href=""># 6: Download the Pumpkin Lamp</a> </h2><p> The <strong>pumpkin</strong> lamp, aka "The <strong>Pumpkin of Omar</strong> ", is a decorative element that may be best suited for the <strong>Halloween</strong> season (unless you are one of those people with a pale complexion, for whom Halloween is all over the place. 'year). Print several and match them with <strong>green cables</strong> to complete the resemblance to the <strong>cucurbitaceous</strong> . Designer: <a href=""><strong>leFabShop</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="2"></p><h2> <a href=""># 7: Download the Artichoke lamp</a> </h2><p> Inspired by another <strong>vegetable</strong> , this time, the leaves of an <strong>artichoke</strong> ; this beautiful lamp in nuance would make a beautiful decoration for the home or office. You can use a standard <strong>hanging</strong> light cord and a <strong>low temperature bulb</strong> . Designer: <a href=""><strong>gCreate</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="lamp1"></p><h2> <a href=""># 8: Download the SMF.01</a> </h2><p> The <strong>SMF.01</strong> is an elegant <strong>floor lamp</strong> assembled from 3D printable components as well as <strong>wood strips</strong> and a bead of light for a <strong>socket bulb</strong> . The <strong>STL files</strong> are <strong>downloadable</strong> for 6 euros, and you will have to provide the rest of the components yourself. It's a nice idea to make your own <strong>furniture</strong> . In fact, that's exactly what SMF stands for - <strong>Self Made Furniture</strong> . Designer: <a href=""><strong>UAU Project</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="SMF01_sq_1"></p><h2> <a href=""># 9: Download the Valeria Lamp</a> </h2><p> The <strong>Valeria</strong> lamp is a very sophisticated design. It will be perfect for <strong>Ron Burgundy's</strong> <strong>library</strong> , with its mahogany <strong>shelves</strong> filled with leather <strong>books</strong> . The small dimensions of the Valeria make it more useful as a <em>bedside table</em> <em>. The object is easy to assemble and print. Designer: *</em> <a href="">Helder Santos</a> ** </p><p><img src="" alt="lampada-valeria"></p><h2> <a href=""># 10: Download the Night Light</a> </h2><p> This lighting emits a <strong>reassuring</strong> , warm <strong>glow</strong> , perfect for keeping <strong>nightmares</strong> out of a room. And look at his little brother, <strong><a href="">the Spot Light</a></strong> , if you prefer some <strong>disco</strong> shades to mix with your <strong>interior lighting</strong> . Designer: <a href=""><strong>Thomas Raygasse</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="NightLight"></p><h2> <a href=""># 11: Download the Iceberg Lamp Shade</a> </h2><p> Like the Lump, the <strong>Iceberg</strong> is a <strong>DIY shade</strong> with a <strong>low-poly</strong> design, this item is visually more ambitious. His <strong>angles</strong> have mutated and grown to a daunting size. It should still be relatively easy to print, however. The Iceberg is a high-end design that sells for 15 euros. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Voood</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="10 - copy"></p><h2> <a href=""># 12: Download the Anna lamp</a> </h2><p> This lamp is really a <strong>romantic</strong> work done by designer <strong>Gordon LaPlante</strong> . He realized this lamp "for my love and the co-founder of gCreate, Anna Lee". The light looks like a <strong>flower</strong> in suspension and the light illuminates evenly across the room, while providing enough light in the bottom of the light **. Designer: <a href=""><strong>gCreate</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="anna_light_gcreate__2_"></p><h2> <a href=""># 13: Download the Z-Lamp</a> </h2><p> Another lamp by the designer <strong>Helder Santos</strong> - this time offered under the auspices of <strong><a href="">EUMAKERS</a></strong> - which gives another strong atmosphere to the <strong>Ron Burgundy</strong> . Reasonably certain that Mr. Santos is a fan of " <strong>Anchorman</strong> " movies ... and there is absolutely no shame in that! Designer: <strong><a href="">EUMAKERS</a></strong> </p><p><img src="" alt="table_lamp_EUMAKERS_01"></p><h2> <a href=""># 14: Download the Ribone Collection</a> </h2><p> The <strong>Ribone</strong> draws its inspiration from the visual aesthetics of <strong>heat sinks</strong> that can be seen on <strong>industrial lamps</strong> or LED bulbs. This high-end model sells for 10 euros. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Martin Zampach</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="IMG_7438"></p><h2> <a href=""># 15: Download the LUX Lamp</a> </h2><p> According to its designer, the <strong>LUX</strong> lamp "celebrates the light in the darkest period of the year, the <strong>winter</strong> ." It was designed and printed during the <strong>Lux Helsinki</strong> <strong>Light Festival</strong> in January of this year. This truly remarkable <strong>3D design</strong> is a top model and can be yours for only 1 euro. Designer: <a href=""><strong>Pekka Salokannel</strong></a> </p><p><img src="" alt="lux"></p><p> Source: <a href="">All3DP</a> </p>

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