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Top 15 Christmas gifts to print in 3D

The time of Christmas presents is fast approaching and you are stressed because you have no idea what you are going to put under the tree. In addition, you are too lazy to move your canap 'because it's cold, you feel more really safe these days, you do not really want to type 2 hours of tail at the FNAC and especially you' would like to finish the last season of ** Walking Dead **! We understand you and we found a great smart tip that will save you time and money (the tax has just passed and it stings) while bringing joy and happiness in your home. Here is a list of 15 original gifts to print in 3D so that you are the star of gifts this year and not your cousin Julien who always has great ideas to please the family. So how does it work ? It's super simple, you see something that you like, you just have to download the 3D file , (by clicking on the link next to the gift), as you do for music and for movies ( except that it is legal) and then you send it to your 3D printer (if you have one, but that's not sure) or you send it to a printer next to your house who delivers it to you after a few days. You just have to make the gift package (we will not do any more either feignasse;))!

  1. The claws of Wolverine, to be a real badass ! (plus they make noise):

1 The Wolverine Claws A

  1. An armor for Kiki the super turbulent cat of your aunt. Because you're not sure about controlling yourself all year long:

2 Armor for Cat A

  1. The real Simpson house because it's really important to have it. Yes Yes.

3 The Simpson House A

  1. A Hulk figurine to please your little brother (and you especially):

4 Figurine Hulk A

  1. A human skull to take on Shakespeare at night by the fireside:

5 Human Skull A

  1. A bowtie for your uncle who needs to work a little more his swag:

6 Bowtie A

  1. A support that amplifies the sound of your smartphone , so that everywhere is the party:

7 Smartphone Holder A

  1. The Daft Punk helmet printed in 3D , to tear on the next theme nights:

8 Daft Punk C helmet

  1. A skateboard for your little sister , because it's so cool to have a little sister doing skateboarding:

9 Mini Skateboard A

  1. The pumps of "Back to the Future" , to have too much class:

10 Sneakers Back to the Future A

  1. A graffiti of your favorite street artist printed in 3D because the tags is not only for the walls, it can also be for your coffee table:

11 Graffiti printed in 3D A

  1. A super stylish necklace for your mom , because you love it very much in your heart:

12 Necklace printed in 3D B

  1. Shades to give a touch of youth to the decor of your kitchen:

13 Lampshades A

  1. Joints to build his own shelves , because Ikea is fine two seconds:

14 Gaskets for C shelf

  1. An educational game for your dog , because we forget nobody at Christmas:

15 Educational game for dog D

BONUS: The Boop Poop Machine , because it's absolutely useless, but it's going to make your grandfather laugh:

16 Bonus Poop Boob Machine A

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