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To be or not to be, that is the impression! Top 10 skulls printed in 3D.

For centuries, the skull has been intriguing. Culturally, it is the symbol of death , of vanity or even of the seat of the soul for certain ancient beliefs. "Memento mori" - remember that you are going to die - this Latin phrase dating back to ancient Rome , often materialized by a skull, was meant to remind men that they are mortal and that death is everywhere. Today, this form continues to convey messages and inspire, especially the world of design . With 3D printing visual representations of skulls have the opportunity to take on relief. It is now very easy to print in 3D an alter ego , whether human or animal; to decorate his office, scare his friends or just keep company. The artists have gone to great lengths to explore this territory of expression and thus reinvent this form by playing with all the details of its own. Sometimes stylized via a low poly treatment, sometimes ultra precise highlighting the most frightening aspects, sometimes simplified giving the form a more affable character or even art toy ; the skull has become an object that 3D modelers have appropriated to get their ideas across. The set of creations of this small compilation Top 10 skulls printed in 3D is downloadable on the platform Cults and is achievable using a personal 3D printer FDM . No doubt, you will lose your mind!

  1. " Do's and don'ts " by theFabShop

1. To Make or not to Make - leFabShop - Cults skulls printed in 3D

2. " Skull-shaped box and its brain " by 3DKitBash

2.1 Skull Box with Brain - 3DKitBash - Cults skulls printed in 3D

  1. " Monkey Skull Egg Cup " by Macouno

3.1 Monkey Egg Skull - Macouno - Cult Skulls Printed in 3D

4. " Wolf Skull and Jaw Bones " by 3DKitBash

4.1 Wolf Skull - 3DKitBash - Cults skulls printed in 3D

5. " Low Poly Skull " by SkullsForChange

5.1 Low Poly Skull - SkullsForChange - Cult Skulls Printed in 3D

6. " Skull of horror " by Kfir

6.1 Horror Skull - Kfir - Cults skulls printed in 3D

  1. " Skull of Hell " by Olas Undberg

7.1 Hell Skull - Olas Undberg - Cult Skulls Printed in 3D

  1. " Crerebrix Human Skull " by Prevue

8.1 Human Skull Cerebrix - Prevue - Cult Skulls Printed in 3D

9. " Skull-shaped toy " by Julien Le Pocher

9.3 Skull Toy - Julien The Pocher - Cults Skulls Printed in 3D

  1. " The Elvis Lapinou Skull " by BulbZone

10.1 Elvis Skull Rabbit - BulbZone - Cults skulls printed in 3D

Source: 3Dnatives

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