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10 3D files for DIY dads

<p> Here is a selection of <strong>10 3D printing files</strong> for <strong>DIY dads</strong> who love new <strong>technologies</strong> . You need an original gift idea for your father that nothing surprises anymore? These creations should satisfy you and allow you to surprise him. Whether he's a handyman, a car fan, a lover of good wine or a geek at heart, you should find something to please him! If in addition it already has a <strong>3D printer</strong> , bring them the <strong>3D files</strong> on a USB key as a digital gift! </p><h3> # 10 Step Box Step Storage Boxes </h3><p> Despite what your father wants you to believe, his workbench is never perfectly tidy. It remains necessarily some screws, nuts or electronic components that have not yet found their place. These super small storage boxes will be the ideal solution to allow it to fine tune the organization of its tools and spare parts. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 1"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D Step Box Step file here.</a> </p><h3> # 9 A flat bowtie </h3><p> Your father is always the classiest in the evening or at a family meal or may be on the contrary that he has a small problem of style? Anyway, a bow tie printed in 3D will be the best effect. The perfect "conversation starter" to break the ice and shine with loved ones and colleagues. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 2"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D file of the bow tie here.</a> </p><h3> # 8 The bust of "Good" in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" </h3><p> All fathers are necessarily fans of old movies, they even have the annoying tendency to impose on us some nights. And who says old movies necessarily says western. This cinematographic genre has marked an entire generation including the excellent "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". To remind him of these films, why not offer him the bust of "Good" embodied by Clint Eastwood. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 3"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D file of the bust here.</a> </p><h3> # 7 Gustavino, a design wine rack </h3><p> All dads like good wine. So obviously, a good wine is made to be tasted, shared with the family. But a good wine can also become a decorative element. This is the interest of Gustavino, a wine rack completely flexible to show everyone, its excellent bottles! </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 4"><br> <a href="">Download the Gustavino 3D file here.</a> </p><h3> # 6 The Spitfire MK XVI Remotely Controlled Aircraft </h3><p> Modeling and remotely controlled aircraft are inevitably part of the imagination of all children. It's typically what you want to do with your father in a large field in the countryside. 3D printing will modernize this practice by entering the world of model making. This Spitfire MK XVI is a good gift idea to share with his father. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 5"><br> <a href="">Download the Spitfire MK XVI file here.</a> </p><h3> # 5 3D printed tools for barbecue </h3><p> In addition to being a real expertise, lighting a barbecue and cooking meat is a pleasure for all dads. As sunny days come soon, give your dad a kit to perfectly prepare his chopped steak while opening a nice cold beer. In short, all you need for a barbecue succeeds. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 6"><br> <a href="">Download the bottle opener here</a> and <a href="">the burgers mold here.</a> </p><h3> # 4 A perfectly functional bike printed in 3D </h3><p> Sunday morning ritual with friends, go for a bike ride. Sports dads love the little queen and intensify their practice during the Tour de France! You could give your father a gift that would make all of your escaped comrades jealous: a bike, some parts of which are made with a desktop 3D printer. An excellent project for all DIY dads! </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 7"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D files of the bike here.</a> </p><h3> # 3 An old vintage car </h3><p> They keep repeating that in their day there was not all this electronics in the vehicles. Dads like to say it was their first car when they cross an old bunker on the road. Well, give them a reduced version of the cars of their youth through 3D printing. You can offer them a good old 2CV or the most recent Renault 5 Alpine! </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 8"></p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 9"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D file of the 2CV here</a> and the <a href="">Renault 5 Alpine here.</a> </p><h3> # 2 The babyfoot miniature table </h3><p> This game of skill will remind them necessarily their adolescence spent in bars. A good way to allow them to shine with their family and prove that they have not lost their hands. The miniature babyfoot is a gift that will make all generations agree. All pieces of this creation are printed in 3D and the result is functional! </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 10"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D file of the miniature babyfoot here.</a> </p><h3> # 1 The self-assembly furniture "Print to Build" </h3><p> The arrival of 3D printing will not take away from your father his pleasure of mounting furniture himself. These "Print to Build" joints make it possible to make a shelf by bonding plywood boards. He can both boast of having made the furniture, but in addition he can say that it is partially printed in 3D. </p><p><img src="" alt="3D file dads handymen cults 11"><br> <a href="">Download the 3D Print to Build file here.</a> </p><p> Source: <a href="">3D Natives</a> </p><p><br> ### </p>

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