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The 3D printable pangolin to save the species!

The pangolin is a small and absolutely harmless insectivorous mammal that is facing a critical situation. Indeed, this species is on the verge of extinction because of poaching. The animal is on the verge of extinction in China where it is hunted for its scales which are said to have medicinal properties. Their flesh is also eaten by rich Chinese people just to show their social status. This absurd behavior puts this small animal in real danger.

To raise awareness for this cause, the well-known 3D printing designer AMAO has created an incredible fully articulated 3D model. Like his natural scale armor, the 3D version can bend and unfold according to numerous friction points placed all along the model. Without necessarily being that complicated to print, the final result is really surprising: it is complex, articulated and especially very cute.

The free 3D file of the pangolin is available on the Cults download platform.

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