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Turn your monogram into a jewel with 3D printing

The design and visual branding agency Ultravirgo has created Mymo. A service that reinvents the monogram - an emblem that combines several letters - thanks to 3D printing. On the site, the user has the possibility to choose two letters and transform his monogram into a 3D printed jewel. A viewer then shows him the rendering of the 3D creation with which he can interact. Finally, he chooses the type of jewelry he wants to obtain (pendants, key rings or ornaments) as well as the material (silver or ceramic). After ordering, the sculpture is printed in 3D and delivered to the buyer. Traditionally, personal monograms - usually initials - were embroidered on clothing, printed on letterhead or other personal objects. You can test the service by combining letters or numbers. To do so, go directly here.

Source: PSFK

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