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The Simpson's 3D printed house

The most popular family on television is also going3D! Designer Paulo Bubolz has 3D modeled a very faithful replica of the Simpsons' house. If you're a fan, feel free to build it or order a print. You can download the 3D file here. It includes all the rooms in which Homer, Marge, Bart and all our favorite heroes of Springfield evolve. The project involves small objects, so before you start make sure your 3D printer is properly calibrated, especially with regard toextrusion. The doors (entrance, garage, etc.) are hinged and the roof is removable. The designer recommends using PLA filaments for all parts. The minimum size of the print bed is 20x20x10 cm and the maximum nozzle diameter is 0.4mm. Ay caramba, it would make a good Christmas present too!

Source : Cults.

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