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The first bikini printed in 3D

Continuum Fashion is a fashion studio that defines itself as being on the border between a textile brand and an experimental design laboratory. Their latest achievement is an excellent realization of this positioning: the bikini model named Continuum N12 is entirely realized thanks to the 3D printing . It is a partnership with Shapeways that allows the creator to sell his bikini via a 3D file for $ 250. Until then 3D printing in the world of fashion was limited to the production of collections reserved for exhibitions, this first product available for purchase certainly foreshadows a turning point in this field.

N12 3D printed bikini 3D shape cults shapeways file 1

N12 3D printed bikini cults shapeways 3D file 2
N12 3D printed bikini 3D shape 3D file
N12 3D printed bikini cults 3D shape file shape 4

source: 3DNatives

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