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A dog toy printed in 3D

The fabulous Spanish studio (Zaragoza) Empezando Diseño , directed by Beatriz P. Biel Aguilar , has addressed the issue of canine intelligence through 3D printing to create a 3D printed dog toy . The designers have created a very playful and useful object for dogs . The goal of the game is to help your pet develop cognitive skills , smell and improve behavior . After downloading the 3D file on Cults , this dog toy is fully 3D printable with a FDM type printer . The concept works very simply. There is a round tray in which there are 7 small holes. You will then have to place a small dog kibble in each of these holes before covering them with one of the different pieces composing the game (small bone, keel, weight, etc.). Based on the piece you are going to use, you will be working on several skill levels . There are four levels, classified according to the degree of difficulty to catch and lift the piece: the large rounded keel-style piece (level 0), the corded piece (level 1), the manipulable piece (level 2) and the bone piece (level 3). The game is available in two sizes to suit different sizes of dogs . This project is terribly exciting and ingenious, it will delight dog owners and 3D printers . To download this exclusive 3D model, visit the Cults platform.

Slider-Beatriz-Dogs-Game-Cults Dog Toy 3D Print

Inbox-1 dog toy printed in 3D

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-2 Dog Toy Printed in 3D

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-3 3D printed dog toy

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-4 3D printed dog toy

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-5 3D printed dog toy

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-1 dog toy printed in 3D

Dogs-game-Empezandodiseno-Cults-3Dprinting-6 3D Printed Dog Toy

Source: 3Ders & 3DPrint

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