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Is 3D Printing A Good Idea For Making Fitness Equipment?

Billions of dollars are spent yearly on gym memberships and fitness equipment for home use, so there is clearly plenty of interest in staying in shape, not only in the US but all over the planet. That means that there is a chance that some people might like to customize or make their own equipment so that they can cut down costs and exercise at home without having to pay a hefty fee on a gym membership.

Is 3D Printing A Good Idea For Making Fitness Equipment?

Prototyping with 3D printers

One idea that has already crossed the minds of certain manufacturers of fitness equipment was to create viable prototypes for equipment people can use at home. Take, for instance, the well-known foam rollers. These are essential for someone who exercises regularly because they offer deep tissue massage that most people wouldn’t be able to get at home unless they’re willing to pay quite a lot for a massage professional to visit them at home.
With the help of 3D printers, new models of foam rollers have already been designed, and they are currently in use. While it is true that the expanse of 3D printers is still underway and not every home has one, the fact that there are prototypes created for such equipment is already a step forward. This allows manufacturers to develop various new designs, so they already bring a fresh perspective to the market.

Accessories and small parts

You may not expect to have an entire stand created with a 3D printer – although that may be possible with the right equipment – but there are plenty of other things you find in a gym that can be made in this manner. As you can discover by reading this guide, there are plenty of items on the market that you can try already, even if the possibility to make them fast with the help of a 3D printer is still something that might happen in the future.
Still, any part you may find at the gym and can be made from plastic represents an opportunity to be created with the help of a 3D printer. Small dumbbells and kettlebells can be made in such a manner, as long as you don’t need to exercise with heavyweights. The latter must be made from solid iron, and that’s not something 3D printers can do just yet.
However, if you need just a small pair of weights, you can obtain them by printing them. It serves to compare costs since you may find that it is not – at least, not yet – a viable option to have such items printed, due to the cost of materials involved.

A jump rope as an example

A straightforward example of fitness equipment you can create and print out is a jump rope. Anyone who wants to stay in shape can make excellent use of such an item. Jumping a rope creates agility, stamina, and overall excellent resistance, so it is part of the regimen of many athletes.
There are plenty of options you can choose from when it comes to printing your own jump rope. Many creative individuals have already come up with various designs for such fitness equipment, and you can download their designs and then print them out. You can choose the color you want your jump rope to be or the length. Such advantages are not easily presented by the items you can find in stores.
Customizing your fitness equipment to fit your tastes and needs is now possible, thanks to the advent of 3D printing.

Gloves and other clothing items

There are definite benefits to the creation of fitness equipment with 3D printers. You can adjust, for instance, the size and overall design of a pair of gloves. How many times have you bought such items from a store, be it online or a brick and mortar operation, and then discovered that they don’t fit well?
Not only gloves, but other things can be printed out. Mouthguards, leg guards, and many others can be prototyped and printed out. You will get much more variety and customization options with the help of 3D printers, which is why it is expected that this new technology will help revolutionize the world of fitness equipment.

Is 3D Printing A Good Idea For Making Fitness Equipment?

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