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Hum3d Presents: the Most Realistic Animals Created in 3D

Hum3D is already known for its development of car models, both realistic and designed for various virtual projects. On the company's website, you can find many options for cars, carefully designed and endowed with the smallest details of their prototypes.

But this is far from all. Now on Hum3d, you can download models of various animals presented in three-dimensional space.

Hum3d Presents: the Most Realistic Animals Created in 3D

Who are Hum3D and What Do They Do?

Hum3D has brought together more than 50 talented artists in one team. Over the 14 years of their work, they have created many 3D models that are used in projects from 80 countries, including the leaders in the advertising and game development market.

What Hum3D Offers Its Customers

The company’s catalog already contains more than a hundred representatives of the world fauna today. Each of the models created by CG artists and designers collaborating with Hum3D is presented in one of two development options:

• HD - high-resolution graphics with carefully designed textures, details, striking in its realism.
• Low-Poly - low-poly models, which today are at the peak of popularity due to their styling under origami and significant saving of resources.
Besides, the catalog offers a variety of formats, which allows you to use ready-made animal models for various purposes.

And if we dwell in more detail on the assortment, then it will amaze even those who have been engaged in 3D graphics and modeling for a long time. Besides the standard set of pets, Hum3D artists offer many extraordinary solutions. And they can be easily filtered directly on the website. Looking for a three-fingered sloth? Here you will definitely find it. Need a realistic 3D spider model? No problems! Choose from the types of catalogs:

• Amphibians.
• Birds.
• Fish.
• Marine arthropods.
• Insects.
• Arachnids.
• Mammals.

By the way, in Hum3D there are not only species that exist today. The artists of the project have developed a number of models in three-dimensional form for already extinct animals. Moreover, the matter was not limited to standard types of dinosaurs, which are many in the 3D model market. Here you will find ready-to-use models of mammoths, Irish elk, woolly rhino, saber-toothed tiger. And, of course, all the main dinosaur models are also presented in the catalog.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the incredibly accurate 3D models of marine inhabitants: carefully drawn tentacles of jellyfish, a thoroughly transmitted coloring of the skin of a leopard seal, the smallest scales on a barracuda - all this adds realism.

Ease of Choosing the Models You Need on the Hum3D Website

To make it convenient for users to choose the right model, Hum3D uses a simple but effective filter system. You can select animals in 3D by the following criteria:

• View of the creature.
• Region of its habitat.
• Type of model.
• Most popular categories.

It is no secret that some animals are used in 3D projects more often, others less often, and some are considered to be exclusive. In order to quickly find the category and model you need in it, use the search on the most popular categories. These include dogs, cats, farm animals, and rainforest dwellers.

By the way, Hum3D artists presented their pets in all their diversity. In particular, you can easily find here the necessary model of the dog of the desired breed, for example, Labrador, German Shepherd, Chihuahua.

Who Can Become a Hum3D Customer?

Since 3D animation and modeling has firmly taken its place in our reality, today three-dimensional animal models are especially in demand:

• As part of virtual presentations for students or elements of educational programs. If you are preparing an extraordinary biology or history project at school or college, 3D animal models will definitely come in handy.
• In the format of filling virtual museums or exhibitions. Many world cultural objects go online with virtual presentations or training programs and 3D animal will help in it a lot.
• In contemporary art - the same animation, production of films and commercials.
• In the gaming industry. What game will do without interesting introductory three-dimensional videos, screensavers or even 3D objects inscribed in the gameplay?
• In AR projects: augmented reality is based on the use of three-dimensional models, and animals become part of this reality. For example, in May, Google launched a real zoo in its AR applications. So far, these are only AR animals, and not all of them have added: searching for a shark, brown bear, giant panda, alligator, penguin, tiger, Scottish pony, pug, raccoon and macaws definitely work. Why not to create your applications with such original search objects?
• Virtual reality projects are another industry where 3D animals will definitely be needed. And Hum3D will come to their aid.
• 3D printing is an important part of the modern world. Whether it’s elements of art, modern art objects, prototypes for the production of any goods or just entertainment - animal models will come in handy in any case.

What if the Animal You Need Is Not in the Catalog?

Hum3d Presents: the Most Realistic Animals Created in 3D

The answer is simple: use the 3D modeling service to order! To do this, just place a request on the website, and Hum3D artists will create for you exactly the animal that you need for your project, whether it be at least a portrait of your cat, even a dragon or a unicorn.

The ability to choose from ready-made models or order the animal you need in a three-dimensional image is one of the main advantages. And you can appreciate the convenience of ordering models in Hum3d yourself. Welcome to the website!

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