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How To Sell Your 3D Creations Online

sell 3D model online

If you’ve got a 3D printer, chances are you’re addicted to making your own beautiful creations. 3D printers have made it possible to be creative in a whole new way. You can focus on the design without having to worry about how on earth you’re going to get the finer details done. When you ultimately print your design, you have something you're truly proud of.

It’s natural that you would want to start selling these creations. There’s a huge market for 3D printed items but also for 3D printable models. As many many people now invest in 3D printers, they want to get amazing 3D models and are now okay to pay for it.

Here’s how to go about selling your 3D creations online.

Use platform to sell your 3D model

You can build your own website, but it's really easier and cheaper to use platforms that are build to help you sell your 3D models to 3D printer owners. These platforms count now many many 3D printer owners, for example, the France based 3D model library Cults now have more than 700.000 registered users and 100% of them have or have access to a 3D printer.

So you have to reach these people to sell your models and you have to explain perfectly how to print your design so they're happy with the 3D model. And obviously, don't forget to Use Host Advice – a world-class authority on web hosting - to find the right option for your needs.

Copywriting is key

Copywriting is what’s going to ultimately make or break your new business. A good website is nothing without quality copywriting. This means that your landing page, product descriptions, and blog, are all optimized to sell your products. Included in this is SEO – search engine optimization.

SEO has long been considered a process of stuffing keywords into your text as much as possible, but it has evolved. Finding an SEO expert will help. They should be up-to-date on all search engine trends, and should be transparent with what they're doing and why it will help you.

Take professional photos

Smartphone cameras have become incredible. The iPhone 11 triple camera can do things that weren't possible on expensive cameras not so long ago. You may be tempted to use your phone to photograph your 3D creations. While this might be good enough, it is much better to take photos with a professional camera.

You also need to follow sound photography strategies to get the most out of your snaps. If you don’t know how ecommerce sites make their products look better in photos than in real life, you need to brush up on your skills. You could hire someone, or you could follow some tutorials online. Either way, spend time taking the best possible photos and you’re more likely to close those sales.

Value your work

Many people creating crafts using 3D printers don’t quite value their own work. There’s a sort of imposter syndrome that comes with doing something in a new way. Because these creations would be so much more difficult in the past, you might feel like what you’ve done is not worth all that much.

This couldn't be further from the truth. The more you value your work, the more value your buyers will get. You've used your creative prowess to bring your vision to life. Charge accordingly. Undercharging will only shortchange you and make your customers unsure of the quality.

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