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How to recycle or reuse your fail prints?

There are adhesion on the 3D printing plate problems, technical problems, temperature changes problems, filament knots, clogged extruders, in short, there's always a good reason to fail your 3D print. And the only link that unites all these problems is the result: a magnificent fail print! This object is absolutely useless and you will never know what to do with it. But it still hurts to throw it away, especially when it's the the fiftieth.
Here is a list of more or less good ideas for reusing your many fail prints!

Turn them into a pencil pot

Obviously you need to have a lot of pencils, brushes and other tools to keep in order to use your many fail prints. But if you take a closer look, that idea is pretty good. Indeed, the honeycomb filling makes it possible to perfectly hold the utensils that you will plant in your failed 3D printing. In some cases you might almost think it was done on purpose!


Pretend it's a work of art

Contemporary art can take many forms and sometimes it can be difficult to understand. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to make it look like this fail print is the result of your overflowing creativity. An X axis problem or a clogged extruder can therefore become a great way to create. Just say it and it's art!


Download real art 3D models

Turn them into planters

A printing that stops before the end is frustrating. It's even more frustrating when the 3D print was well advanced. But don't worry, if you haven't added infill or if it is thin enough to be removed, you can turn it into a beautiful planter. Simply fill the void with a little soil or compost, add a few seeds or a small cactus and you're done!


Download real planters here

Bend over and imagine it's okay

A fail print detected in time can be stopped quickly, but when your printer runs unattended, there is always the risk of ending up with a magnificent pile of filament. But in some cases, it will only be an X or Y axis problem and so the result will be just a little bit... bent! In this case, you only need to lean slightly to compensate the problem. The Tower of Pisa has become famous, why not your fail print too?


Add one more detail and say it was voluntary

In some cases, a problem can be solved with a bit of imagination. Then a fail print can be easily integrated into a decor thanks to a piece of paper or a hole that appeared during 3D printing can become a space for an earring for example. The principle is simple: before throwing your fail print in the trash can, look at it for 1 minute and try to find a joke. If nothing happens, say goodbye and close the trash can.


Create inspiring frames

There are many inspiring phrases and quotes around the notion of failure. This is the perfect opportunity to use them and showcase your fail prints! Just 3D print these quotes and associate them with a frame. The more fail prints you get, the more these quotes will make sense!


The photos and ideas for this article are taken from Reddit, Facebook or Flickr

We hope that this article will have been useful and has given you ideas, if you think of uses that we would not have listed above, please do not hesitate to send us a message directly by clicking here.

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