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How to Bring Your Crafting Hobby to The Next Level

Crafting is a beloved hobby for many reasons. Not only is the process of creating something with your hands soothing and captivating, but when you’re done, you have something lovely to show for your time. Crafting can be the perfect individual activity or a lovely project shared with your friends or family. The following will explore things that you can incorporate into your crafting hobby to take things to the next level.

How to Bring Your Crafting Hobby to The Next Level

Try Out New Materials

The easiest way to spice up your crafting life is to take a crack at your usual work with new materials. Textures and shapes can be incredibly inspiring. Incorporating raw, natural items found on walks at the park or on the beach like wood and stones can have drastic effects on your crafts. Or you can try combining 3D printed elements into your craft to try achieving a more futuristic look.

Try applying new treatments to your materials to see how this influences the process. Even something as simple as a gloss coating versus a matte coating can make a huge difference in the feeling of your finished product. While experimenting can produce the occasional dud, it will boost your creativity and openness, both of which are traits crucial for improving your artistic abilities.

Adapt To The Times With 3D Printing And Trends

The world is in a constant flux of technological developments. Some of these rapid changes can be applied to crafting as well. Take 3D printing, for example. Crafters are now able to design and print off anything that they want! How crazy is that? Exploring trends is also a way to incorporate fresh vibes into your crafting. Take, for example, the growth in interest in vinyl cutting and DIY craft. If countless people are fiddling with glow in the dark vinyl, there’s probably a reason.

Halloween (or Other Seasonal) Decorations

Try directing your crafting abilities towards seasonal decorations. No matter what holidays you and your family celebrate, there is likely going to be a few times of the year where setting out some handcrafted themed items is going to add a festive vibe to your home. For bonus points, do a little research into the history and mythology of the holiday. You might be surprised to learn about the origins of certain imagery and will have a better understanding of why different elements are incorporated for each holiday. There’s endless inspiration to be found in learning the backstory of culturally common images.

How to Bring Your Crafting Hobby to The Next Level

Customize Items You Already Have

We all know someone who likes to have things unique, who likes to include references that no one else gets; that person might even be you. Crafting can be applied to almost anything in your home, from mirrors and backpacks to water bottles and clothing. As a bonus, studies have found that the clothing you wear not only influences how others see you, but it changes how you see yourself. Adding a little (or a lot) of personality to what you wear might have some long-lasting effects. Once you get going, it might be hard to stop. Inside joke t-shirts, witty gifts, 3D printed keychains, and hyper-specific Game of Thrones references on oversized sweaters are just the beginning.

Of course, the above suggestions are just ideas to help get the creative, crafting mind flowing. Once you get started, there will be countless other things you’ll want to apply your crafty skills into. Experimenting is fun, and if a few experiments fail, who cares? Studies have shown that crafting helps create feelings of calmness and happiness and can also slow cognitive aging. This means that even if you hate what you’ve made, you benefited from the process of making it. Happy crafting!

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