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How 3D Printing technology is disrupting the Interior Design industry

How 3D Printing technology is disrupting the Interior Design industry

It’s common to hear a lot about 3D printing nowadays, in the form of 3D printed engines, 3D printed prosthetics, 3D printed cars and 3D printed food too! Considering how this new age technology is impacting almost every single industry, how could interior design be far behind?!

A large number of interior designers and architects are using 3D printing these days to create unique and fresh designs which give a highly cosmopolitan and modern look to the overall ambience of their projects. There is no dearth of experimentation you can do with this technology, for instance, you could create your own model of casino-themed man cave if you like! Let’s now understand how 3D printing technology is changing the manner in which interior designers and architects overcome their day-to-day challenges.

More flexible design

Using 3D printing technology, interior designers and architects are no longer limited by technical constraints for any particular object. It all comes down to their own creativity and how they can give shape to the most unique designs, something that was not possible earlier with the traditional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, 3D printing is a huge timesaver too as you can manufacture a single part within a matter of a few hours, far quicker than days and weeks taken by conventional methods. To understand where things stand today, here is the state of 3D printing in 2019.

Easy access to technology

A 3D printer setup can be installed inside any workshop. In the event that you work with big furniture items, you can easily outsource this print job to a third-party. The technology has allowed many architects and interior designers to get extra creative with their fittings, furniture and home decor items, giving them are truly custom and classy look. As a result, they don’t need to depend only on the items that are available in the market.

Production efficiency

Considering the accuracy and speed of the 3D printing jobs, you can now produce only the things that are required, in their exact quantity. Resultantly, there is far less time taken and least amount of wastage involved. What is even more exciting is that every batch or product that you print is unique in its own way. In addition, you can make countless iterations of the item and carry on until you get the best look you need.

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