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HITRY Rocket 1: Affordable Multicolor Ultra-fast 3D Printing

(Multi-color prints from Rocket 1)

The development of consumer-grade resin 3D printers has prompted hobbyists and professionals alike to explore the world of creative 3D printing. While 3D printing continues to expand across wide applications, users are no longer satisfied with single color printing. However, the price of multi-color FDM 3D printers is prohibitively expensive. After further research by the HITRY team on the Rocket 1 3D printer and the DCLF technology it uses, Rocket 1 can now realize multicolor printing on a resin 3D printer at an affordable price! With Rocket 1, more inspiration and creativity can be unleashed.

(Remove the multicolor print from the build plate quickly and easily)

Advantages of Multicolor 3D Printing on Rocket 1:

  • Add more colors to models to unlock endless creativity.
  • Low cost. With the filling liquid developed by HITRY, multicolor printing can be achieved with only 100g of resin, for a more economical and less wasteful printing process.
  • No need to buy extra accessories.
  • Rocket 1 allows you to print multicolor 3D models at faster speeds, with an investment of just a few hundred dollars.

HITRY Rocket 1: Affordable Multicolor Ultra-fast 3D Printing

(Multicolor Prints from Rocket 1)

A DCLF optical engine developed by HITRY has hit the resin 3D printer market at 1/20th the cost of DLP.

As we all know, DLP surface projection light curing technology with its high price restricts the development of light-curing 3D printing technology. The LCD light-curing technology requires frequent replacement of the release film (FEP), which is a consumable product that does not decompose after use and causes pollution to the environment. In contrast, HITRY created Rocket 1 with a DCLF optical engine, which no longer relies on a DLP optical engine and doesn’t require the use of release film. Not only is it just 1/20th the cost of DLP, but it also reduces electronic and plastic waste such as release films and LCD screens, for a more sustainable way to 3D print that is better for the environment.

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HITRY Rocket 1: Affordable Multicolor Ultra-fast 3D Printing

(Multicolor prints from Rocket 1)

Advantages of Rocket 1 top-down 3D printer:

  • Extremely cost-effective. With DCLF (Digital Continuous Liquid Forming) technology, Rocket 1 offers a service life of up to 18,000 hours.
  • Super high printing speed. Currently, Rocket 1 can print as fast as 420mm/h, which is 20-60 times faster than traditional resin 3D printers, making it the fastest consumer-grade top-down 3D printer in the world. And its use of DCLF technology has huge potential, which is expected to boost the printing speed to 1000mm/h or more in the near future.
  • Ultra-high accuracy. With 0.035mm XY resolution, Rocket 1 can print industrial parts with complex orifices that are just 0.2mm wide. The orifice within the part can pass liquids and gases without post-processing.
  • Multicolor printing. Rocket 1 can print 3D models in color, which other conventional resin printers are unable to do.
  • Prints transparent and flexible models easily. Rocket 1's top-down printing eliminates peeling forces and reduces gravity's effect (with the buoyancy of the resin) on the printed parts, dramatically increasing the success rate when printing highly transparent parts and elastic models.
  • Rocket 1 can print models with only minimal supports, and in some cases with just one support.
  • No need to replace consumable parts such as release film or LCD screen.

(Checking the Actual Accuracy of the DCLF Optical Engine)

The HITRY Rocket 1 is now available on Kickstarter, funded by over 1,000 backers for over $800,000. The Kickstarter-limited offer starts at $599. Please visit Rocket 1’s campaign page for more details:

HITRY Rocket 1: Affordable Multicolor Ultra-fast 3D Printing

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