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Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

“Everything you can imagine is real” - Pablo Picasso

Imagination is the mother of technology and 3D printing is the best example. Surely you’ve heard about 3D printing, one of those technologies that we only used to see in Science Fiction movies on the alien ship being used to print all types of weapons to conquer Earth with. Today, not only did we turn that piece of imagination into a real, useful thing, but we also use it for good and not for bad. At least for the moment.
For those who haven’t heard or aren’t exactly sure about its purpose, a 3D printer is a machine used to create three-dimensional objects by setting successive layers of material with the help of a computer. This way, any object you can imagine can take form, from common items like vases, cups, spoons, to cars, prosthetic arms, or classical paintings.

Many companies have started to use this technology to create or improve their products and it seems to be a complete success. Here are just a few examples of the best 3D objects created:

3D printed cleats

In order to help athletes, Nike has begun to create plates and cleats using the help of 3D printing technology, taking athletes agility to the next level. Their three-dimensional Vapor Laser Talon footwear weighs 5.6 ounces and has 3D printed parts from selective laser sintering tech, designed for the football turf 40-yard dash.
Nike is planning to extend the use of 3D printing for future products, but no other details were revealed, we just have to wait for the following amazing products.

Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

Printed objects for your own business

There are several amazing objects you can create for your enterprise and make your employees day better with small things like forks, spoons, pen holders or cups. For example, King Casino Bonus does not only love promotions and objective casino reviews, it also loves 3D printed objects of everyday use, such as their King Casino cups, for a perfect morning coffee.
Whether you use this as merch or you simply offer it to your co-workers or employees, 3D mugs are simple to make and they look amazing.

Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

3D printed swimsuit

Bikini might not be the first object that springs to mind when it comes to three-dimensional printing. However, to demonstrate this machine’s ability, in 2011, Continuum Fashion was the first one to design a 3D-printed bikini for commercial purposes. This turned out to be the first affordable piece of clothing of this kind. It is created from Nylon 12 and presumably, it becomes even more comfortable when it gets wet.

Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

3D printers are saving lives

By now we know that these objects are really useful and fun, but what we often forget is that they can actually save lives, as in the following cases.

Fred the tortoise

A team of specialists from Brazil found a female tortoise that lost its shell in a forest fire, surviving the blaze, pneumonia, and 45 days without any food.
Dr. Rodrigo Rabello found Fred, named her after the horror movie icon and decided to reconstruct the poor thing’s shell. He did that with the help of his volunteer team called the “Animal Avengers” formed of 4 veterinarians, a dental surgeon and a 3D designer.
Using a 3D printer, the shell design was printed in four pieces and it took 50 hours for each to be made. Once assembled and painted, Fred had a whole new look and found a home with Rabello.

Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

A 3D printed cast for healing bones

A Turkish student named Deniz Karasahin created the Osteoid by incorporating ultrasonic tech and 3D printing to make a prototype that can heal a broken bone faster. Even though the idea of ultrasonic vibrations for bone healing has been around for a while, the doctors had a hard time getting the cast to apply the vibrational therapy.
In future productions, the system promises to speed up the healing process by 40-80% for daily sessions of 20 minutes and allow each individual to have a custom-fitted cast.

Truly helpful objects created with a 3D printer

In this current decade, we are starting to see 3D-printed objects more often and as the technology matures, we shouldn’t wait too long for the medical system to adopt functional printed organs and other body parts. Moreover, researchers are finding new edible materials for printing, so we should be expecting to print our own hamburger in the near future. What type of objects would you print?

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