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Free Software Solutions for 3D Design Projects

3D modeling and design approaches are top popular today. More and more businesses are trying to follow all the fresh design trends and integrate 3D into the look and feel of their products, whether it is an application, website, interior design service, etc. Taking into account the excitement of developing new technology, programs for 3d modeling are in high demand today. If you are searching for free solutions, then you have come to the right place - we will advise you what to choose.

Free Software Solutions for 3D Design Projects

3D Modeling: Features & Applications

Advanced technologies of three-dimensional modeling and professional programs for 3d modeling provide unlimited possibilities for creating 3D models of various sizes and complexity levels. Just like opera VPN, they expand your possibilities impressively. Owing to the all-covering functionality of modern applications, one can produce and test product prototypes as if they were “real.”

Modern software solutions for 3D modeling allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • 1. produce prototype products of any type, size, format, and complexity;
  • 2. develop volumetric or any other type of animation;
  • 3. prepare the presentation of a new product (its look and dimensional behavior);
  • 4. test new product functionality and design;
  • 5. design molds for casting, computer games, cinema, etc.

The areas of 3D use are so limitless that almost any designer needs to know what 3D apps to use and how to work in them. There is a clear analogy with the understanding of vpn work - if you know how to use it, you benefit greatly.

Free Modelling Programs

The most famous and professional software products for building and editing three-dimensional models include the following ones:

  • Blender;
  • Sweet Home 3D;
  • SketchUp Make;
  • Sculptris.

With the help of the above, you can create almost any 3D model and edit it any point of time. Each of the solutions contains highly specialized tools for three-dimensional modeling.


3D modeling program Blender is a free 3D graphics package. The program covers all the tools for the creation of animation, preparing models, renders, as well as tools for video post-processing and developing computer games.

Sweet Home 3D

It is another free program for 3D model creation, which is usually used when working with interior designs. Sweet Home 3D allows you to simply create a layout for a single room or the whole house, arrange furniture, windows, doors, stairs, etc.

Free Software Solutions for 3D Design Projects

Sketchup make

Sketchup make is an easy-to-use program for building and editing 3D objects. The app has almost no windows for preliminary settings, and this is one of its main advantages.


The main advantage of Sculptris is a gradual, quick and easy mastery of the skill of creating three-dimensional models. The intuitive of the app interface as well as the user possibility of working with the program add even greater value to the solution.

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD)

It is a constructor designed to build 3D models of LEGO. It has a huge selection of all kinds of elements, whose color can be modified in the process of design being elaborated. The app is easy to manage and has a user-friendly interface.

Use any from the above apps for 3D modeling and vpn, advantage at maximum.

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