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Iconic figures with bloggers for the release of Pacific Rim

To organize the release of the film Pacific Rim , the communication agency MNSTR collaborated with Sculptéo to create a kit bloggers made in 3D printing . The "buzz box" consisted of a survival kit and a plastic figurine made by Sculptéo using 3D files and 3D printers . The figures were just the faces of the 10 bloggers selected, placed on a body dressed in Pacific Rim pilot's suit. What a surprise they could have when they had to receive their package! A good way to capture the attention of these influencers to create noise around the film's release.

Here are some pictures of some figurines printed in 3D:

Cults Pacific Rim Carving MNSTR 3D file printing 3D operation bloggers blogs
Cults Pacific Rim Sculptéo MNSTR 3D file 3D printing operation bloggers blogs 3

Cults Pacific Rim Sculpture MNSTR 3D file 3D printing operation bloggers blogs 2

Source: Sculptéo

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