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Shells printed in 3D for hermit crabs

The hunt for empty shells is one of the main activities of hermit crabs . A vital need for these decapod crustaceans with soft belly without carapace. The Japanese artist Aki Inomata has seen in this habitat hunt a metaphor for our modern society and especially the real estate crisis in his country. So he had the brilliant idea of ​​creating custom shells through the use of a CT scanner that allowed him to obtain the 3D model of a hermit crab shell. Once this 3D file at its disposal, it embellished the shell of various architectural monuments from around the world. It only remained for him to print the result in 3D in a transparent plastic and to let the arthropod take its quarters.

hermit crab shell printed in 3D

hermit crab shell printed in 3D

hermit crab printed in 3D

source: Guardian

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