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Cubeek 3D, the first 3D printer shop in France

This is a great news for the development of 3D printing in France: the first 3D printer shop has just opened its doors in Paris. The Cubeek3D shop is open to all, it is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

You can find a very interesting catalog of machines, from the beautiful BeeVeryCreative to the Leapfrog , the Whitbox or the MCor Iris. Visitors will also be able to get acquainted with 3D scanners and equip themselves with reels of filaments . In the near future, Cubeek3D intends to distribute the ATCube Mini which is none other than the first French 3D printer . The advantage of opening such a shop is to be able to divulge specialist advice, provide training and provide quality after-sales service to customers. Go with your eyes closed (from Cults :)) because the team is really great and the space is top! For this, RDV at 33 Rue du Docteur Roux in the 15th, metro Pasteur. If you do not have the opportunity to go there, Cubeek3D also has an e-commerce site: the Cubeek Store.

Such an initiative contributes to the democratization mission of this great technology that is 3D printing . Also, Cults had to be a partner of this project. Inside the shop, you will be able to admire the dedicated Cults boxes in which there is a selection of 3D printed objects from our catalog of 3D files. These objects are obviously not for sale, they simply serve as a demonstration and allow Cubeek3D to show the variety of 3D models that can be made with a 3D printer, as well as the quality of the finishes that can be obtained with some machines. So we had the chance to exhibit some of our amazing designers such as UAU Project , Daniel Moos , Trisha , 3D Object or Simone PDA. One thing is for sure, with Cubeek3D and Cults , the future is printed today!

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