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CR-10 Smart: Render More Technical Possibilities to the Challenge-passionate You


We have realized many impossible deeds through the application of 3D printing since its emergence, technology update is witnessed everyday. Manufacturers are working to develop various solutions via 3D printing technology, however, seldom of them have won such reputation and the support of its enthusiasts.
Creality will launch the blockbuster product, CR-10 Smart as the high-end model of CR series on its 7th anniversary celebration on Apr.9, which is an machine combined with intelligent WIFI, auto-leveling, auto-shutdown, auto-retreat and other innovative functions.

CR-10 Smart: Render More Technical Possibilities to the Challenge-passionate You

Super run nozzle design

Creality was once wondering about what kind of 3D printer would match such a challenge-passionate you while starting the ID design. As such, CR-10 Smart was created to carry a sense of motion with the simplified flow of lines and elegance. The super run nozzle design is the combination of tech and modern fashion.

All-round intelligence

Printers are wished to be as intelligent and reliable as a “robot” by many 3D printing users, which not only streamlines the printing process, but also renders more fun to users, so as the CR-10 Smart development team.
It is the most highlighted point of CR-10 Smart to be intelligent—Smart control of WIFI, auto-leveling, auto-shutdown and Creality cloud slicing are all undoubtedly push it to be the most intelligent model in the world. It is absolutely a worth-trying model for no matter novices, advanced players, geeks or makers, embracing all the challenges and new skills enthusiasts.

CR-10 Smart: Render More Technical Possibilities to the Challenge-passionate You

1st intelligence: Innovative WIFI control and Creality cloud smart printing mode

CR-Smart embraces two networking mode includes WIFI wireless connecting and RJ45 wired connecting. When connected to the WIFI, you can use the mobile phone to slice via Creality cloud and control remotely to realize printing at anytime anywhere.

2nd Intelligence: Auto-shutdown and auto-sleep

The machine will automatically trigger the shutdown command after after finish printing to realize auto-shutdown , which saves power and manual effort. The screen will dim if no operations executed within 30 mins to lower power consumption.

3rd Intelligence: Auto-leveling and auto feeding and retreat

If you look into the development progress of Creality, you will find that the leveling system has evolved from manual process to auto-leveling, then to the V2.0 upgraded auto-leveling. With the progress of technological innovation, CR-10 Smart is equipped with the latest V2.0 upgraded leveling system to support instant printing without leveling again after the first-time leveling. The auto feeding and retreat function of CR-10 Smart support automatically feeding and retreat of the filament.

Users experience optimization

What kind of product will hit your heart? CR-10 Smart team takes the view that, excellent products bring customers the joy. So how to optimize this kind of experience, CR-10 Smart tries to conquer every little detail.

CR-10 Smart: Render More Technical Possibilities to the Challenge-passionate You

Self-developed mute mainboard+customized low-noise power supply

There is no doubts that a printing process with noise will greatly affect the printing experience, that’s why Creality adopts the self-developed 32-bit proprietary mute mainboard with customized low-noise power supply to effectively reduce the printing noise in the process.

Stable motion of “Dual Z axes and dual diagonal draw bars” combination

CR-10 Smart is the succeeders of classic function modules, unibody full-metal gantry structure, solid triangular formation of metal diagonal draw bars and 16-point support column for heating bed base, which brings the printing more stability. Dual Z-axis screws combined with the synchronous belts greatly improves the balance and synchronicity of the screws to realize excellent motion performance.

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