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Build Your Favourite Gaming Character Using 3D

A decade ago, everyone's dream was to build their favourite gaming avatars using 3D printers. Nowadays that has changed, with many players are making their dreams come true thanks to 3D Printing. Much of the credit goes to the gaming industry which tried its best to introduce these latest technologies in their 3D Slot releases. You may find different technologies as time goes by, with new technologies replacing the old ones in the market. After all, both games and technology are connected, so you can’t expect to play high-quality video games without technology’s involvement - providing a smooth gaming experience without any interruptions.

Build Your Favourite Gaming Character Using 3D

One way the gaming world has turned it up a notch lately is through 3D slots. The inclusion of this technology in gaming is nothing new - you can even play 3D bingo games. So, what are 3D Slot machines and are they the same as video slots? We’re here to let you know.

Introduction of 3D Printing Technology

Many of you will be familiar with the starting point of any 3D Printing Process - a 3D Digital Model. For that purpose, various quality software programs are used and are famous in the industry such as 3D CAD. You may not be aware that the term 3D printing covers a massive range of processing and technologies that provide you with a full spectrum of abilities to create different parts and products using a variety of materials. Mainly, what all the technologies and processes have in common, is how the creation will be carried out layer by layer in a due process compared to traditional production processes involving casting processes or subtractive methods.

What are 3D Slot Machines?

3D slot machines are the video slots of an entirely new generation. They introduce a whole new concept of slot games with the help of breath-taking 3D graphics. Aspects of the original versions, such as characters or the symbols on the reels may appear as though they are in 3D but seem to be bursting from the screen. This happens without the need for any sophisticated glasses to make them come to life – but occurs naturally because of creative online gaming development in an already bursting online slots industry, boasting hundreds of online slots to choose from such as the ones here. Moreover, the themes used in the 3D slots cover whatever your imagination can come up with from thrilling adventures to romantic stories.

Using the latest 3D technology, you’re capable of downloading any casino game in your handheld devices; either mobile or tablet – the game is away from a few taps. Nevertheless, the variety of opportunities enables slot developers and designers to do magic and create masterpieces supplied with mini video interludes and entertaining intros.

Build Your Favourite Gaming Character Using 3D

Building a character from your favourite game or slot?

Before we begin, there are plenty of 3D printers available in the market. Each one works differently adapting a different technology that processes the given materials in contrast to others. It’s important to understand the limitations in 3D Printing in terms of apps and materials, whereby there’s no single solution. Minimal materials were available for 3D printing when it was introduced at first, but now there is a massive range/types that are supplied to users in varied forms, including:
• Power
• Filament
• Pellets
• Granules
• Resin

3D Printing Directly from Your Favorite Video Game

Nowadays, different types of services are available to provide you with more instant ways to get your hands on your video game characters within no time. The most popular is the FabZat system, which can easily integrate into your device, tablet, or smartphone to modify your most beloved video game characters and have them 3D Printed. The aforementioned procedure takes as long as the making of a cup of tea that you can quickly grab without any struggle. Several games have already been implanted in the tool in the custom shop system, which brings you to the most popular games including MMORPGs.

Three Steps to 3D Print Your Favorite Character

Enthusiastic gamers, or for that matter everyone, would understandably love to have their favourite gaming character handy. Using the 3D Print technology can make your dreams come true, giving you a chance to bring your gaming character out of the game and into your real world. To do so, you have to follow three steps, such as:
• Learn basics about Photogrammetry
• Gear Up Your System
• Prepare the Scene

Remember, when you learn photogrammetry, it is a procedure to rebuild a 3D character from drawing (2D) images, much like what slot developers do. In case you want to build your own gaming character, firstly, you should take pictures of the model from different perspectives. Secondly, update your Machine with the latest version of software. Finally, select the character you want to 3D print. The procedure itself is quite simple thanks to the latest tech, so you are capable of 3D Printing anything you love. Now all that’s left is for you to go and try it.

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