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Best glues for 3D printing

If you are a maker and you are used to printing in 3D all kinds of objects, you must have had to face the problem of assembly at some point. Some parts are directly assembled during the printing process, others have systems that allow each part to be interlocked, but some objects require post-printing with glue. In this article, we will simply list the few good products recommended by the 3D printer community.

Best glues for 3D printing

First of all, in order to glue the PLA parts together properly, it is necessary to make sure that the surfaces are flat. To do so, do not hesitate to use sandpaper to smooth the surface or, more technically, use acetone vapour. The idea is to remove all types of impurities on the surfaces that will be glued together. The smoother the surfaces, the better the result. Put glue stitches on each part and then hold the pieces tightly together for several hours so that the glue takes up well. Be careful not to put large patés or it may overflow during assembly. The quality of the glue will also be judged by the fact that it will not bleach over time making the print clean and tidy.

Here is a list of the best adhesives to glue parts printed in 3D (click on the links to discover and buy products)

Avoid using Neoprene glue because it does not hold. Good impression! Feel free to post the photos of your makes here.

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