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Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

If you grew up playing board and card games, there’s a chance you would want to teach them to your kids. They are excellent tools for family bonding. What’s more, they enhance critical and problem-solving skills.
But how do you afford a variety of board and card games without breaking the bank? Buy a 3D printing machine. If you have one, find out the best games to create and how to print them without much help at home below.

Rocketship vs Asteroids Checkers

Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

Although straightforward and simple to play, checkers demands plenty of skills. It also requires the use of strategies and quick problem-solving skills, which is why not everyone is good at it.

Rocketship vs Asteroids follows the traditional rules of checkers but features customized pieces. That way, it is more attractive to young players. That said, you can 3D print the game using wood, plastic or soft metal sheets.


Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

Chess is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of board games. And sure enough, chess is a revered game with millions of players in nearly every country on the planet.
Before you print the standard chessboard, however, check out several designs of the game. The Man Ray Chess Set, for example, features impressively geometric chess pieces. They are shorter, cooler and have unique meanings.
Another design is the Sydney Gruber’s Painted Chess Collection. As the name suggests, these pieces are painted in beautiful colors. More importantly, they are handcrafted to look different.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t print them on your machine. Quite the contrary, you can print variously designed pieces and hand out them to your chess-loving fans.


Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

Are you even a board game fan if you’ve never played Monopoly? It’s one of those games people love to play even as adults. That’s not just because it's simple to play but also because it's fun to play with friends and family.
Printing board game pieces is a bit challenging because there's such a broad variety of them. However, you can start with the basics: the battleship, top hat, boot, cat, racing car, thimble, wheelbarrow, and Scottie dog.
Then you can print non-essentials like houses and hotels. Of course, don’t forget to print the board. Again, you can check a few types of Monopoly before you print your pieces to confirm which design you like the most.

Pokémon GO Board Game

Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

After Pokémon GO exploded in popularity in 2016, a board game fan decided to turn it into something he could play when his phone’s battery died. Inspired by Fox and Geese, the game is recommended for players from five years old.
That means Pokémon GO is a befitting game to play with everyone in your family. The only problem, unfortunately, is finding files to help you print the game on your 3D printing machine.

Poker and Blackjack Cards

Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

We’ll agree—3D machines aren’t the best tools for printing cards. Again, plastic cards don’t feel right when playing poker or blackjack. Still, it’s a worthwhile project if you love card games and want to find out how they would appear if 3D printed.
Truth be told, the secret to enjoying blackjack or poker is to play them with others, So, go ahead and print your cards but make sure to call your friends so that you can play together.
If you are a competitive person, check out real-money sites that are available in 2020 on These platforms also provide slots, roulette and other games besides poker and blackjack.
However, if you want to find the latest online casino with 3D graphics, we recommend visiting CasinoPlanet. Not only do they have high-quality 3D games, but they also tend to welcome new players with bonuses.


Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

Tetris is one of a few video games that have remained wildly popular since its creation in the 1980s. In fact, it’s so successful that it has been made for mobile, casino gaming and as a board game.
So, how do you play such a fast-paced game on a board? Well, you can’t. However, you can play the game with kids for fun. And because you’ll be competing to fill up blocks, the game becomes fast-paced pretty quickly.
When it comes to 3D printing, wood and metal are the best materials for creating the board. For the pieces, there are numerous combinations you can use, ranging from translucent plastic to multi-colored metal filaments.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek Battleship

Best Games you Can 3d Print from Home

Battleship gives you a chance to take charge of a marine corps with the sole effort being to destroy your opponent’s ships. But here’s the challenge. You can’t see your rival’s ships, so you’ll need wit and strategy to predict which direction they will be steering their ships.
To win, you need to call shots of where you think one of your rival's ships is located. You use a number and letter combination to pinpoint your target. If it's a hit, your opponent is obliged to tell you which ship you've hit. Again, you place a red flag on the area.
Winning the game means hitting all of your opponent's ships—five of them. With that in mind, 3D printing this game takes some time. The board, for example, looks like a briefcase and has multiple pockets for storing your weaponry.

Super Tic-Tac-Toe

The original Tic Tac Toe is often criticized for being too limited. There are only so many moves you can make and the person who goes first often wins the game. Against that backdrop, Super Tic-Tac-Toe adds a twist to the original version to make it more challenging.
Precisely, you must win a complete Tic-Tac-Toe game in each square to claim it. After that, you still need to win the bigger game. That way, the game relies less on who goes first and more of who’s uses strategies better.
You can find the files for creating Super Tic Tac Toe on multiple sites online. Better yet, it doesn’t take as much time to print as other games out there.

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