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The Best 3D Printed Items for Gamers

3D printing promises many benefits and uses, including cheaper replacement parts for products and the ability for easy manufacturing of objects designed by independent creators. 3D printing also allows people to customize items in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Combined, this allows us to create bespoke products that solve problems or help us to show off our individuality, much cheaper and easier than would otherwise be possible. Gamers are one of the groups that have embraced 3D printing the most, with many useful and great looking creations.

3D Printed Phone Cases

Whether you enjoy playing fast-paced first-person shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Mobile, or more sedate games like Rollercoaster Tycoon or PokerStars from your mobile, having a case that gives you a better and more comfortable grip can make those long gaming sessions easier.

There are plenty of designs for 3D printed cases available online, including many that were created with gamers in mind. Some even make playing emulators for devices like the Game Boy easier by recreating the hardware buttons.

Playing games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be made easier with custom trigger buttons that can be clipped on to a phone. These make it easier to press the buttons at the top of the screen, which can normally be a little fiddly without assistive devices.

If ergonomics don't concern you, then why not have a case that shows off your love for games with designs that are themed after popular games like Minecraft and Super Mario.

3D Printed Controller Accessories

Sometimes controllers aren’t best suited to a particular game that you’re playing. Other times, they come in boring colors. By creating 3D accessories you can solve both of these problems.

Examples include custom Xbox 360 controller buttons that allow you to make your controller a little more stylish. This can be especially useful if you’ve worn down the ABXY buttons that the game pre-installed.

Several users in the 3D printing community have published designs with a Creative Commons license that you can adapt for your own uses.

Meanwhile, special extensions like the mini rack and pinion wheel can give you better control over racing games like Forza. Custom steering wheels are also available for Nintendo Wii remotes, meaning you don’t have to stick to the cheap third-party models that are sold online.

The Best 3D Printed Items for Gamers

3D Printed Storage

If you are a dedicated gamer then you’ll have to show off your collection and setup to friends. What better way to do that than with specially designed 3D printed storage solutions.

Got multiple consoles? Then a 3D printed controller stand will give you a way to display each input device in an aesthetically pleasing way. The same goes for headphones, remote controls for your TV and even peripherals like cameras and sensor bars.

If you have a lot of retro games, you’ll likely have dozens of cartridges that you need to store away. Why not turn them into decorations? There are wall mounting kits that let you display of your Mario 64 and Zelda games in an artistic way, showing off your veteran status in the video gaming world.

3D Printed Ornaments

It’s not just practical storage items that gamers can print. There’s also plenty of video game-themed ornaments. Whether you’re a Mario fan or you love Pokemon, there’s plenty of options for you to decorate your games room with.

From Mario-themed plant pots, desk lamp and figurines, to 3D printed models of Grand Theft Auto characters and cars, there’s a truly unlimited range of possibilities. These ornaments can be as small as little desktop figures to huge pieces that are hung from walls.

With such a wide range of options available, gamers are spoilt for choice when it comes to creating 3D printed objects to help them play better, store their gaming equipment, and decorate their homes. The open-source nature of most designs available online also makes it easy for the community to share and improve their creations.

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