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The World's First Desktop Rubber 3D Printer

Current desktop 3D printers are still limited to ordinary performance, PLA wire or photosensitive resin. However, ATOMSTACK have been thinking about how to innovate and make 3D printers realize more possibilities by their newest desktop rubber 3D printer. Today, there Cambrian is ready to raise a revolution.

atomstack 1

More info about Cambrian:

After 3 years of improving and polishing. Atomstack 3D finally brings the world's first desktop rubber 3D printer here. Cambrian, Epoch-making Flexible 3d printers series. It finally achieved the printing of high-performance rubber materials with a minimum hardness of 60A-70A. More than that, Cambrian also have building more outstanding features:
* Precise and fast multi-material printing. Present your creation and products in the most perfect way through 3D printing technology speedily.
* Fine design of all metal structure. After a simple structures and setting, you can start your trip with Cambrian.
* Extremely quiet work. The ultra-low working noise makes Cambrian will not cause any disturbance to your life during their printing
* Replaceable print heads. With subsequent software updates, whatever flexible filament, traditional PLA filament or following filaments, just one Cambrian will address most of your 3D printing needs.
* Touch screen console. Let you to 3D printer operation become unprecedented elegant and simple

atomstack 2

Unlike most desktop 3D printers currently on the market, Atomstack Cambrian allows users to easily switch between Rubber materials and traditional materials printing using interchangeable print-heads, such as PLA, rubber, laser and so on. In the future, ATOMSTACK will offer consumers a wider choice of different types of materials and print heads.

As the first rubber printing focused 3D printer, Cambrian is able to easily print all kinds of rubber products, such as a pair of unique sandals, soft pillows, high elastic balls, wallets, masks, and anything you could imagine created by flexible filament like rubber with perfectly printed.

In order to print highly elastic rubber products, Atomstack has exclusively designed a 2.85 mm Filament print head, which can guarantee the best accuracy and stability under the condition of effective shaping.

atomstack 3

Of course, these are not enough. In addition, we have also developed various flexible 3D printing materials in different colors and hardnesses with high resilience. We have developed the unique 50% resilience rate 3D printing materials in the world.

The Cambrian series is made of aluminum alloy, and the whole metal structure has been carefully modular designed, and under protective oxide layer obtained through anodize oxidation process. You are able to set up the Cambrian in anyway you prefer.

atomstack 4

When you want to print tradition materials, a 1.75 mm Filament Print Head could also be changed. The near-end feed print head based on PLA and ABS industrial standards also allows you to outperform other 3D printers when printing common materials. As a revolutionary product, the Cambrian series truly unleashes all the potential of a 3D printer. With a laser module, it also becomes a laser engraving machine; when it is replaced with a high-temperature print head, it can print nylon, High-temperature wire such as carbon fiber.

atomstack 5

To enhance 3d printing experience, Atomstack has done numerous research to solve the common pain points and difficulties in the current 3D printing technology. Adaptive switching power supply, silent circuit design, hidden wiring harness, new hot bed glass coating, and a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen. All this - just to make the 3D printing easier and better. Now, you will never need to worry about handling discarded trays.

atomstack 6

Import the material, adjust the support, and start printing. In the Cambrian, you can freely express your creativity. You will be able to design and build a shoe sole, then wear them to wherever you want without any expensive and requisite sole mold fees; of course you can also design a pair of integrated 3D printed shoes, which can withstand more than 100,000 twists and turns. You can even own a shoe factory and only use Cambrian's powerful flexible printing technology to produce the shoes you designed with only $10 cost on each pair of shoes.

atomstack 7

In order to meet different printing needs, Atomstack will launch 2 different size Cambrian models at the same time, even for sports shoes of size 46, it can be printed with ease in our Cambrian pro model.

atomstack 8

As long as you have room for imagination, Atomstack Cambrian will bring you greater creative space and commercial value. Now, we sincerely invite you to enjoy the technological innovation brought to you by the Cambrian series. We will be waiting for you to kickstarter.

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