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The clever gadgets of Project3DPrint

Project3DPrint is a very exciting project because it mixes electronics , DIY and 3D printing . These great inventors are very prolix because each month you have the opportunity to build yourself, in " do-it-yourself " mode, new innovative gadgets . The principle is very simple. Just download the 3D files to Cults , purchase the electronic kits on the Project3DPrint website and finally watch the instructional videos on Instructables to assemble everything. For now, these Geo Trouvetou have released 4 wonderful projects: a Bluetooth stereo portable speaker , a fitness watch with heart rate sensor, a smartphone back-up USB charger and a cooler for laptop. 3D files are then the envelope of all these gadgets to which to integrate the electronic equipment. These projects are ideal for novice and amateur makers, weekend father-son work or for school programs. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their latest inventions.

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