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All-new Elegoo printer breaks records with $3 million crowdfunding campaign!

3D printing, programming, and accessories provider, Elegoo, has broken records with an incredible $3 million Kickstarter crowdfunding investment for its all-new Jupiter large-scale 6K 3D printer in 24 hours. The ground-breaking new device is set to transform the printing market, and fans have quickly gathered interest, selling the early bird out in 7 minutes!

All-new Elegoo printer breaks records with $3 million crowdfunding campaign!

Now it over 4000 backers, and only have two package, $798 Special package1(Jupiter with an extra resin tank) and $850 special package+(Jupiter with an extra resin tank, 5*MIni air purifiers and 5*FEP film 2.0). See at Kickstarter.

The world of 3D printing is highly competitive, and the market is saturated with mediocre products. However, leading 3D printing provider Elegoo has transformed the market with its latest product, the 6K 3D printer, Jupiter.

All-new Elegoo printer breaks records with $3 million crowdfunding campaign!

This innovative device is able to offer large-scale printing services of 12.8” and features a host of innovative solutions designed to transform the industry and make the process significantly more efficient and faster.

In the fast-paced world that we live in, 3D printing has helped to transform countless industries, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and genuinely changing lives. Based in the heart of China’s Silicon Valley, Elegoo has been at the forefront of this innovative technology, helping to drive it forward with its award-winning solutions.

Earlier in 2021, this leading 3D printing provider unveiled its game-changing new device, the Jupiter Mono LCD Printer. This incredible new machine is a new level of professionalism in the 3D printing market, and at 12.8” is the largest in the Elegoo range. The first large-scale device on the market, the powerful machine has been developed with functionality and affordability in mind.

Designed to allow both professional designers and amateurs alike to benefit from its incredible features, Elegoo has created a device that is guaranteed to provide the highest quality of 3D printing no matter whether it is at home, in the office, or in the studio.

First unveiled at the start of 2021, the Jupiter device by Elegoo immediately made headlines around the world, and the experienced team launched it exclusively through a unique crowdfunding campaign at the start of September.

With mass pre-launch coverage and high expectations, the crowdfunder launch broke significant records for Elegoo. The Jupiter device sold out in under one minute, making over 2000 backers in presales in 30 minutes!

This incredible demand cements Elegoo and the Jupiter machine as the industry-leading 3D printer on the market. The team has focused on providing a truly unique device that can offer large-scale print volume in the most user-friendly fashion possible. From large touchscreen devices to automatic resin refills, the Jupiter 3D printer has been created to minimize the effort from users while maximizing output from the printer.

The ground-breaking new machine also features a built-in air purifier, which removes all toxins, irritants, and odors from the resin, ensuring a clean and highly functional printer.

All-new Elegoo printer breaks records with $3 million crowdfunding campaign!

Speaking after the record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, [Chris Hong, CEO of Elegoo], at Elegoo added:

From the moment that we announced the Jupiter 3D printing machine, demand was incredibly high. However, we never expected the unbelievable opening day we had when it was launched on Crowdfunder. We were able to reach our target in under 60 seconds, which is a testament to the technology, research, and development that our highly experienced team put in when creating the Jupiter printer. From that point, though, things were unbelievable, and we were able to raise over $2 million in half an hour, which will guarantee that businesses and individuals across the globe will be able to benefit from our truly innovative and ground-breaking technology.

All-new Elegoo printer breaks records with $3 million crowdfunding campaign!

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