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7 Beautiful Games to 3D Print Amid Lockdowns

If the ongoing lockdowns have been stressing you out, consider 3D printing board games to play with your family. Don’t worry about not knowing how to do it. In this age of the Internet, you can learn how to 3D print just about any game.
You can visit an online 3D printing community website to check out games people like to 3D print. Or you could come up with a list you think everyone in your family would love to play and create them. That said, here’s our list of seven great games you can 3D print in your free time.

7 Beautiful Games to 3D Print Amid Lockdowns

The Man Ray Chess Set

Die-hard chess fans can play the game daily regardless of how bland or ugly their sets look like. But if you have kids who love fancy looking items, the Man Ray Chess set might be what they need to develop a chess-playing habit.
Of course, we are not talking about purchasing the $600 chess set. Instead, take a look at the geometry-inspired pieces and made replicas on your 3D printing machine. The board measures 17” by 17” and square boards are 21/8 each.
Each of the game's pieces is inspired by something iconic in the world. The Kings, for instance, resemble Egyptian pyramids. Queens, on the flipside, resemble cones. The bishops are shaped like flagons while pawns have a sphere-like shape on top.
Essentially, the Man Ray Chess is not just an elegantly designed chess game but it’s also enlightening. That said, find the files needed to 3d print the game online and decide on the materials you want to use.

Hallway Seej

Hallway Seej is a harmless albeit exciting way to play battle games with kids. It’s based on a popular catapult weapon used in the middle ages. Basically, people would load the device with metal or fireballs and fire them to enemies.
Sounds fun, right? It’s a thrilling game both kids and adults can cherish. It is also easy to 3D print now that it requires few materials. You can find everything you’ll need for the project on or a similar site.
Once you've printed the small balls, your catapult, and tower, next up is to find someone to play the game with. You must be careful when firing the weapons, though. They might be small but can be painful to a young child.

Monopoly Board Game: Casino Edition

If you’ve been looking for an adults-only board game that doesn’t take things too far, check out Monopoly Dream Catcher. It combines the best of the original board game and gaming elements.
Before you say it, Dream Catcher is more of a slot machine and less of a table or wheel game. You have some fantastic options here if you are looking for casinos where you can play the game and other similar slots. If you also want to 3D print something similar close to the game, here are the basics.

  • Find the files needed and print common Monopoly pieces
  • Print the colored wheel
  • Learn how to play the game

Monopoly Dream Catcher is best played when there are stakes at hand. For example, if one of your friends predicts the wheel to stop at a specific number and it does, he can be rewarded. If he loses the bet, he's also supposed to lose something specific.

Megalopolis Board Game

You’ve probably played the mobile or PC version of Megapolis and liked it. The board game version, however, is nothing like you played on your smart devices. That’s because it’s incredibly challenging yet satisfying when you get everything right.
The goal, of course, is to build your city using a handful of materials. That means you need to print lots of pieces you think would be needed in a city. Find clues from the mobile Megapolis to find out precisely what you need.
Where do you find the cards and set instructions on how to 3d print Megapolis? Everything you need can be found on You’ll get files and PDF documents on how to model the game and how to play it.

Puzzle Cube

Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple types of hand-held puzzle devices you can 3D print from home. There’s the original Rubik cube. Then there’s a Rubik Bear, the Russian Revolver, or the Gear Box cube.
Although they all look different, these puzzles can be exceedingly challenging. Some of them are easier to solve than others, though. As such, decide whether you want a beautiful puzzle model or a challenging cube.
If you are an avid fan of puzzle games, skip the choosing process and 3D print as many of the games as possible. They are fairly cost-effective and take much less time than printing a chess or monopoly board.
Rocket Ships vs. Asteroids Checkers
Similar to most Chessboard variations, this game is all about the designs. On one side there’re are pieces that look like red rocket ships. On the other, there are asteroids that resemble soccer balls.
The beautiful designs are meant to attract kids who might have doubts about playing checkers. It follows the same rules as the standard game. When it comes to printing, you can find all the pieces you need on


Similar to Megapolis, this is a game so popular that you can play it on multiple devices. You can try it on your smartphone or seek a VR experience through your PC. If you are old enough, you probably also played a handheld Tetris game device back in the early 90s.
If you’ve always been a board game fan, however, it’s time to get mechanical. Research to find a few varieties of Tetris, especially the colors and materials used to create it. Then find files on your favorite 3D printing site.
Tetris is a game you can play with both kids and adults. It doesn’t matter if they’ve played it before. Once you learn the basics and get someone to compete against, you can get hooked for hours.

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