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Which 3D printer to start with? Best Starter 3D Printers

3D printing used to be only something out of a movie. But with new developments in technology growing over the years, 3D printing is finally a reality. In fact, 3D printing is now something being used in not just schools and businesses, but also in the comfort of your home.

But as 3D printers continue to be the trend for manufacturing and other industries, one has to wonder what the best printer will be, if they’re just starting out in the business. If you’re sew to 3D printing and want to have the best machine out there, then you’re in luck! We’ll explore the six best starter printers that you can use while still practicing your trade, and eventually create your very first 3D object.

Monoprice Select Mini V2

Don’t let the $199-or-less price tag fool you! The Monoprice Select Mini V2 is still a good bargain that delivers the same state-of-the-art quality as any other traditional 3D printer on the market. Although setup can be a little tedious at first, it’s still a good product to help jumpstart your trade; and it comes with a preloaded SD card to get you set up, so that you won’t have to spend more money on a memory cartridge.

Ultimaker S3

Also known as a next-generation printer (since it’s a beginner-friendly product for college students), the Ultimaker offers speed, quality, and trust that any novice can get behind when using it. The printer also offers designers a variety of accessories and materials that they can use to enhance their 3D printing experience. In addition, the system comes with a touchscreen, accessible cartridge hot-ends, and the Cura slicer software.

CEL-UK RoboxDual

The CEL-UK is one of a few dedicated 3D printing manufacturers. Its AutoMaker software lets you prepare and monitor the printing process, while its special features allow you to customize design and production. Since the RoboxDual adapts to any user level, it’s a good printer to have if you’re a novice learning from home, or a student learning about 3D printing at school. The hardware is even ideal for businesses (for entry-level or higher positions) that manufacture goods.

LulzBot Mini 2

A predecessor to the original LulzBot Mini, the second version improves on printing speed and makes less noise. In addition, the hardware is so flexible that it allows multiple makers to work together and add to a project, while it’s printing. Even clean-up and maintenance are no hassle, since it comes with self-leveling and self-cleaning features, so that it isn’t a tedious chore for you. And it makes sure that no bed adhesion issues arise by keeping the prints in place during the printing process; so, there’s no need to use glues or solvents to get that part of the job done.

AnyCubic Photon

This printer uses liquid resin in UV lighting, instead of heating plastic filaments, to create a 3D object. This printer processes one paper-thin layer at a time, instead of one drop at a time. Despite the minor maintenance that this machine may require after a few uses, and the fact that you’ll need to be in a well-ventilated area when you’re around resin, it’s still the best 3D printer, if you’re new to the craft, and want to have the best detail on your first project.

Crazy3DPrint CZ-100

Also considered the best budget 3D printer out there, the Crazy3DPrint CZ-100 makes a great starter companion for your first project. Ensuring an easy setup once you take it out of the box, and given that it’s built with an open design that lets you see your workings come to life, the CZ-100 gives you high-quality prints, which tell you that it was worth the affordable price.


Now, these are only a handful of the best starter 3D printers out there. However, these will put a lesser dent in your wallet, if you’re looking for a printer for home use, or if you’re a student wanting to perfect your 3D printing skills. No matter which printer you choose, they offer warranty and after-sales support, should anything arise from usage. And no matter what you’re using a 3D printer for, you can never go wrong with your machine, because it’s easy to use and affordable, and it’ll have you show off to friends and family!

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