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6 Amazing Options for Careers in 3D Printing

With an estimated 25.76% annual growth rate, the 3D printing industry has been booming for the past decade. This explosive growth has created more opportunities for job seekers. Learning 3D printing offers several career choices, which include the following:

6 Amazing Options for Careers in 3D Printing

1. 3D design and CAD modeling

3D printing firms are always looking to add creative minds to their teams. As a 3D designer, your work is to bring simple product ideas to life. There are various things that you can help with, including creating product designs, architectural visualization, and medical device design. Are you interested in pursuing a career in 3D design and CAD modeling? You can compare the different schools that offer these programs here and find the one that's the best fit for you.

2. 3D mechanic

Although it's far from the mainstream, a few automobiles have been 3D printed. Like other sectors, the automotive sector is looking to take advantage of the economic benefits of 3D printing. Now the sector requires 3D mechanics to design cars for the future.

3. Operations and administrative posts

Although the main workforce of 3D printing companies is engineers and technicians, these companies require other people to keep the business running smoothly and on the right path. This includes administrative staff, marketing personnel, finance, and retail employees. On top of your 3D course, you can take an extra course in management which can see you rise the ranks to management level in a 3D printing company.

4. Medicine

The global medicine industry has also found 3D printing useful. For instance, creating 3D prints from CT scans helps to have a better view before surgery. 3D prints provide a 360-degree view, and experts use them to determine how deep they can cut a patient. There are no limits to what 3D printing can do in enhancing patient care. Hospitals are always looking for 3D printing creatives to help them design prints.

5. Architecture

A paradigm shift in modern architecture has seen 3D technology replace 2D solutions. This will see construction documents produced in 3D. Such prints give better views of structures, simplifying things for contractors. Investors also understand their building better despite lacking architectural experience. The architectural 3D printing industry has a soaring demand for a skilled workforce, and it's a great career option to pursue.

6. Manufacturing

There's a large shortage of 3D system operators worldwide today. The manufacturing industry is the worst hit by this deficit, and there are many opportunities for those with 3D printing skills. Manufacturing companies need fast and cost-effective solutions, and 3D printing fits this description. To succeed in the manufacturing industry, you need to learn how to work with software and hardware tools efficiently. Knowing the right tool for the right job will give you an edge in additive manufacturing.


The demand for 3D design and 3D printing skills is high in the United States. Expertise in 3D printing provides endless career opportunities in different sectors. The above-mentioned careers are just a few of the amazing 3D printing and design careers that you can pursue.

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