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5 proofs that you are obsessed with 3D printing

Even more than any other hobby, 3D printing can really become an obsession. Indeed, the current 3D printers still require some adjustments to work perfectly and also many monitoring in the event of fail print. We've written an article about how to fix major 3D printing problems and here's what you can do with your failed 3D prints! We therefore end up spending a lot of time in front of the 3D printer and the various components linked to 3D printing are gradually becoming part of our daily lives. Here are 5 examples that no one notices but that make all 3D printer owners smile.

3D printing supports

Anyone here would see a surprising scaffolding, or a simple cliff. But not you, what you see in these photos are 3D printing supports. And you're even obsessed enough to know what slicing software was used. Everyone considers it as a surprising tree but for you it's a 3D model printed with Meshmixer's supports. A slightly damaged car bumper? Not at all, it's a small print support that you're dying to remove!


support 2

support 3

Layer height

A magnificent landscape of rice fields, an ancestral trace of agriculture, a shadow that appears on the road or a work of art. That's what everyone says when they see the pictures below. But not you! You instantly tell yourself that the layer height is too high and that 0.1mm would be much better. You also tell yourself that this car had an X axis problem during the 3D printing process.


layer 1

layer 2

Filament spools

This is certainly what you see most often. Any construction site becomes a real treasure for 3D printer owners. There are spools everywhere. You can't help but wonder how many Benchies you could print with a big spool like these! It happens more rarely, but one can also cross filament spools of this type at the butcher shop, in this case is more than 2.85mm.


spool 1

spool 2

spool 3

The Benchy in real life

The great classic of 3D printing, the famous model that you have to print to test the settings of your 3D printer, the temperature or the printing parameters for your new filaments, the famous BENCHY! This small boat has a very special appearance, but a real 3D printing fan will be able to find it in any marina.


Looking for the STL

Great classic of many discussions in forums, Reddit or Facebook groups, the question that comes up most in comment "STL?". Not always easy to find, but absolutely necessary to reproduce a model on your 3D printer. This STL can also be found in real life, just open your eyes. Otherwise you can always look for the best STL file on Cults !


Thanks to the members of the 3D Printing and Entraide 3D Printer Facebook groups for their photos!

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