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Feel free to print in 3D your decorative objects!

3D printing decoration

Invented only a few years ago and considered the fourth industrial revolution by many, 3D printing is becoming an increasingly important part of French life. First used in medicine to allow the creation of artificial limbs, this technique, which is now accessible to the greatest number of people, is becoming more and more popular and is now being used in our homes. It is now possible to create custom-made decorative objects to meet your desires.

The technique of 3D printing is very simple to understand. All you have to do is imagine an object in detail on a computer, then send it to the 3D printer. Online 3D printing services have been set up to help those who do not want to invest in a printer at home. To design objects, you must use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, which will allow you to visualize the object and test it in a simulation version. Some designers have therefore specialized in the design and manufacture of designer objects that can be used as decoration.

It is also worth noting that 3D printing is not only for plastic objects. Indeed, printers now work with other materials, such as steel, bronze or copper. There are no limits to your imagination with 3D printing, and you can create yourself the objects you want to see in your interior.

You can therefore opt for 3D luminaires, which will bring a design touch to your interior. Indeed, the 3D printer allows to have very precise details which will allow to make very fine creations. In order to create a cocooning atmosphere, you can also install LED bulbs in warm tones. They will allow you to save energy, since they consume much less than standard bulbs. And if you want to compare the different electricity offers of suppliers, in order to also save on your electricity bill, you can go to this page. This way, you will have an original and unique luminaire that will allow you to save money.

It is also possible to print larger pieces of furniture, such as a table or chair, with a 3D printer. Companies thus offer to design customized productions on demand. You can thus customize the creations as you wish, and adapt them to your needs. It is also possible to have a miniature of an emblematic film house printed or just a vase printed: the possibilities are endless. 3D printing is increasingly pushing back the field of possibilities, and imagination is becoming the only limit.

If you want to go even further in the use of this technology, some designers even propose to make a complete interior design. You will be able to make your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to measure, and in only 24 hours. Some Chinese have even created entire houses using 3D printing.

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