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3D Printing Designers Interview: Sonia Verdu

1. Sonia, can you say a few words about you and your work?

I'm currently working for BQ in the innovation and robotics department, where I'm delighted to be able to create 3d print designs as well as contribute my grain of sand in fantastic projects. They offered me creative freedom and in my case it's something essential in the professional field.

2. Where do you get the inspiration to create these fabulous designs?

I think that the human mind is like an insatiable searcher of ideas to solve problems or challenges. You only need to have a rough idea of the design you want to make and the "how" it will come about along the way.
Inspiration is everywhere. We actually create from what our mind has collected from everything around us and we make a kind of "mix". We just have to let that "mix" out and be open to new ideas so that we can bring creativity into the design.

3. What CAD software(s) do you use to make your designs?

I use Blender, I am impressed by this program. A software that by its condition open source and multi platform allows the incorporation of new technologies quickly. In spite of its reduced size it includes digital sculpture modeling. It is true that at the beginning you have to dedicate time to it since the learning curve is high and it can be less intuitive than other programs, but you quickly realize that it is very well designed and the initial effort is worth it.

4. What 3D printer do you have and what are your usual printing settings?

I have a Prusa Hephestos 1 and a witbox2 I like to print with quality, so I usually put 0.1mm of layer height and a low speed to print the pieces, the other printing parameters depend a little bit on the model. The witbox 2 printer supports very well the new filaments with materials increasingly surprising and I use it a lot to experiment with them.

5. Finally, among all your great works, which is your favorite creation?

I have found it very rewarding to make a design that helps, I mean prostheses. The first thing when you make a design is that the designer likes it and I guess the next thing is that other people like it, but if it also serves an important need, then it is really great. But if I have to choose one that I especially like at this moment I will say that I think it is wip. What I find most interesting about the designs is that with each one I make I learn something new and new ideas are generated so tomorrow I would choose.

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