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3D Printing Designers Interview: OogiMe

1. Shiri, can you say a few words about yourself and your work?

My name is Shiri and I am the CEO of OogiMe. I have a background in Engineering and an MBA specializing in Finance. I have a very busy schedule and I love spending my free time cooking and backing in the kitchen which is my favorite place in the house! I have a great passion for innovation and I always look for new and different ways to do things. I also feel a strong appeal towards the world of design and the growing field of 3d printing.
One day I sat down and decided to concentrate on the things that I love and feel most passionate about, so I combined all of this and that's how OogiMe came to life.
OogiMe specializes in the design of 3D printable models for the cooking and backing field, these models are especially designed for the usage of home 3D printers.


2. Where do you get your inspiration to create your great Oogime cookie cutter?

I get my inspiration for the OogiMe models from my day to day. It starts from the simple or big events that can be upgraded by OogiMe to the small gestures that we make to the people we love. I am like the OogiMe client that always wants to experiment and that is looking to get excited in the kitchen. So if I don't get excited from one of the models I don't execute it.
The number one problem in the world of cooking and backing is the stagnation of the tools and accessories, there is no real innovation. With the 3D printing technology we can reach a greater and richer experience like our special cookie cutters that provide the ability to create an actual 3D cookie. This takes the whole preparation and hosting experience to another level.
The second problem is the time factor. Many times cooking and backing are a spontaneous act. You wish to invite people over for a special occasion and you might find that you are missing the tools required. The traditional industry can't supply you with a quick solution whilst OogiMe with a 3D printer can provide you with minutes solution. Moreover, OogiMe also provides personalized designs to fit any need or request.
Since day one I decided that OogiMe will produce and design actual products for real usage,
There are a lot of gadgets in the 3D market that allow people to enjoy the 3D printer but not from the product itself. Our focus is on products with real and immediate usage for our customers. As long as the 3D printing technology will keep on developing we will continue to create and expand our range of models and products, recently we published our "Christmas Cookie Cutter Collection" and we already have new and different lines of designs that will be launched soon. We have a great team of people that include top designers, 3D experts, photographers and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to influence and make a difference by bringing a smile to every kitchen or dining table.


3. Which CAD software(s) do you use to make your designs?

We use Solidwork software to bring our models to life


4. What 3D printer have you got and what are your regular printing settings?

We have Makerbot replicator 2 and Up2 and our standard setting is 10-15% infill and 0.4-0.3 mm for the layer's height. We always make sure that our models are affordable for the customers to print.


5. Finally, among all your great work, what is your favorite creation?

My Favorite creation to date is the 'Rudolph the Reindeer Cookie Cutter' I think he's just perfect for any Christmas Party.


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