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3D Printing Designers Interview: Atómicos Studio

1. Can you say a few words about yourself and your work?

Atómicos Studio is conformed by Ana Zuñiga and Daniel Delgado, a couple of industrial designers from Mexico. We start learning 3d printing and CAD in the college, and since then we begin to create everyday objects.
In 2015 we decide to get a 3d printer and start atómicos studio. We focused in decoration, toys and home products.

2. Where do you get your inspiration to create these fabulous designs?

Most of our inspiration comes from observing our near environment (plants and pets), spirituality, and a lot of sense of humor.

We could say that we have two types of products or styles of design.

The cute ones, which make people feel tender when they see them.
And those that have some kind of mechanism or function that leaves the user astonished or confused. We like to make designs that impress people and trigger curiosity.

In most cases trying to make them to don’t use supports and having assemblies included (print-in-place), always looking to make the most of the material, and the capabilities of the printer.

3. Which CAD software(s) do you use to make your designs?

When we are going to make something with assembles, movable pieces, mechanism or very exact measurements, we use Autodesk inventor.
But when we are doing more organic designs or they are only in one piece, like sculptures, we use autodesk maya, cinema 4D and zbrush. Sometimes we combine several software to make organic shapes with assembles, like an action figure. Also, we generate the g codes with Simplify3D.

4. What 3D printer have you got and what are your regular printing settings?

We use an Anet A8 3d printer that we build by ourselves. The configuration of the 3d printings depends in each particular design, but in general we use 0.2 resolution with 3 layers in the bottom, 2 of shell and 4 in top. The amount of infill always change depending on the product, we use from 10% of infill to 100% if is something that requires so. Actually our 3d printer is a pretty cheap one, but we think that suits with us, because that limitation trigger our creativity. We try to make products that looks awesome, in fewer time, with fewer materials, and trying to use little or none supports to make a more enjoyable 3d printing experience.

5. Finally, among all your great work, what is your favorite creation?

It is hard to decide for a favorite piece, because we create them with much love, we take care of every detail and we put something special in each one. But we both agree that our favorite is the DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie Back to the Future.
We had to consider many things in doing this design and we love it because it’s level of detail, like the flux capacitor inside, steering wheel, seats, wheels, the DMC logo in the front and every piece in the back.
In addition to all these details, the wheels can rotate and the doors can be opened.
... it only needs to be able to travel in time, but that's something we still have to solve.

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