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3D model description

From seeing floating pizza tattoo designs, graffiti and cartoons, I wanted to embody this in 3D printing. When I obtained some wood filament for ColorFabb I knew it would make the perfect base for this creation. Experimenting with the cheese dripping as supports I wished for it to be printed support free. I first produced it without any feet so this version was glued down to a perspex base, but went on the complete a second version that could stand alone.

3D printing settings

I went about printing the "Wood Dough Base 1 and 2" and the "Yellow Cheese" or "Cheese Stand" at 0.2 mm layer height and 50% infill, with the all the toppings at 0.15 mm layer height and solid infill on my UP!Plus 2 printer. This is optimised to print with 130 mm height limit on that printer. The "Wood Dough Base" prints in 2 halves and has 2 dowel holes which are included in the "Black Olives". The final model will require using super glue to construct, but all the pieces fit nicely together which I recommend to check you have them the right way up before glueing. The wood filament may require sanding, I found it it gave a nice effect.




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