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Elephant Chedi - Wat Chiang Man

3D model description

This is part of a series of models to celebrate Thailand, its architecture, history, and people! (From Wikipedia:) Wat Chiang Man (Thai: วัดเชียงมั่น − is a Buddhist temple (Thai language: Wat) inside the old city (which is contained within the city walls and moat) of Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand. It was built in 1297, the elephant chedi is the oldest building in the complex, and its top is guilded. Printing recommendations: • Use the highest quality possible for better results (0.1mm layer) • Support Free • Note: This model has high level of small details, so that when printed in a bigger scale (2:1, 3:1, etc.) or in resin or powder technologies these details are preserved. All details might not be printed correctly in 1:1, FDM.


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