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Big Ben

3D model description

Welcome to London!

The Wanderlust II: Europe collection has a new member, the most famous landmark of London and the United Kingdom: the Big Ben. The tower is officially known as Elizabeth Tower, although the nickname Big Ben, which is the main bell, has stuck . The tower holds the second largest four-faced chiming clock in the world. It was completed in 1858 in gothic revival style. It stands by the river Thames, in a corner of the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster. (From Wikipedia)

MiniWorld is excited to bring this historical model to life! All models are made by hand and brain from scratch, please give credit, it's all about spreading culture and education!

MiniWorld is the collection of 3D printable models of landmarks of the world.

3D printing settings

  • Support-free
  • Dimensions: 70mm tall
  • 0.1mm layer height recommended
  • Infill 5% or 0%
  • For better definition of the details, scale up 150% or 200%.


The collection of 3D printable landmarks of the world!



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