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Sanguine Angel Lord (Alighieri)

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Printed with Anycubic Photon Mono and Anycubic Basic Grey Resin at 0.025mm layer height and no AA, sliced in LycheeSlicer (.lys (.lyt?) file were included, awesome!)

Pretty Amazing BA Commander Proxy Model (and I don't even play/collect BA…). Used the pre-supported files and the body with toga.

  • Arms, Head and Jump Pack not yet glued to make painting easier
  • Head not (yet) properly positioned due to some small mistake during pinning, but currently fits with the jump pack wings (still a tight fit)
  • Details came out pretty amazing and pre-supports are place in a way that makes cleanup easy w/o destroying details
  • Removal of supports on axe head seemed daunting, but in the end was quite easy with a sharp and new x-acto blade
  • some small sanding here and there, mainly for support (scar) removal

Might make some small edits to the files to make it fit better into a Death Watch Kill Team as a BA Chaplain or something and reprint it. Or just start collecting BA, i guess…

PS: pics are quite grainy (stupid old iPhone), I find that with the naked eye, the print looks cleaner ;-)

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